7 Hacks to Improve Donor Engagement

Maintaining a healthy relationship with donors when raising funds for a cause cannot be understated. Engaging your donors in your cause builds a constant stream of donations. If donors are appreciated and handled in the right way, they are likely to donate several times.

If you manage to retain donors, you will reap a couple of benefits, such as recurring donations and gaining loyal advocates for your cause. The most effective way of retaining donors is through donor engagement.

Here are strategies for improving donor engagement.

1. Leverage Social Media

Technological advancement has changed how we relate with other people. Numerous donors are active in social media platforms. On average, millennials spend 4 hours on social media every day. Therefore, your nonprofit making organization must stay active on social channels.

Through social media channels you can show potential and existing donors what your organization has achieved. Post detailed information that educates viewers about your organization’s mission. You should post a clear and captivating message that should evoke an emotional response for viewers to find the need to connect with it.

2. Make Personal Phone Calls

Have a personal conversation with previous donors to keep them informed about the progress of your work. Start by expressing your gratitude to donors who have contributed towards your cause. Additionally, a personal call will create room for understanding the donor’s motivation and views about your work. The feedback will help you to finetune your engagement with donors. Each conversation should reveal more about them and assist you in coming up with a tailormade donor cultivation program.

3. Incorporate A Call to Action (CTA)

Give your donors a chance to enquire more and express their standpoint about your cause. Donors want to contribute to a cause that involves them in every step. To enhance engagement, include a captivating call to action to all your landing pages and posts. This way, you will create a solid relationship and build trust with donors.

You CTA’S do not have to be necessarily about donations; some donors might be interested in accompanying you to site visits.

4. Send A Newsletter

Besides sending fundraising appeals and campaign emails, you need to send a newsletter to supporters to strengthen your communication with them. Sending a well-formatted newsletter will keep your supporters engaged, increase traffic to your website, and attract potential donors. Also, you can use newsletters to update supporters on the progress in your organization.

Keep updating your supporters; it shows you appreciate their support to your organization.

5. Host Events

While technology provides an outstanding way to connect with supporters, nothing can outshine personal interaction. Besides, making calls and sending emails, hosting events is an excellent way to engage donors. Meeting your donors will help you understand them better and keep them updated about your organization.

Additionally, hosting an event makes donors feel honored and recognized, which elevates their zeal to donate more in your organization. An event will help you to have fun with your donors. When donors have a positive attitude towards your organization, they are likely to increase their donations.

6. Peer to Peer Campaigns

By use of peer to peer campaigns, you can create awareness and engage supporters through social media platforms. It is a smart way to reach people who don’t recognize your cause and would not have connected with you. This is the most proactive method to engage donors as it helps you expand your networks and raise more money.

7. Establish A Membership Program

Membership programs can go a long way in enhancing engagement. With such programs, not only will supporters donate money but also share their views and identify themselves with your organization. To maximize membership programs, include a number of opportunities that will boost donor engagement. You may offer the following opportunities in your membership programs:

• Host registered members events

• Create volunteering opportunities

• Create events for members to connect with like-minded people

Donor engagement is essential to maintain a steady stream of donations. Remember, to share your experiences with supporters and send a personalized thank you note.


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