7 Advantages of IPTV You Must Know

If you are unfamiliar with what IPTV is, this is defined as the multimedia services that are delivered via internet protocol (IP) based networks. These networks are managed for users to receive excellent experience, service, security, reliability, and more.

Basically, it is a system where TV services are delivered using the Internet rather than the traditional satellite signal, terrestrial, and/or cable TV formats. And thanks to today’s ever-evolving technology, IPTV is becoming more and more popular as more people are looking for the best IPTV services for cutting cable.

But what does IPTV have to offer over the traditional methods of offering TV broadcasting? Read on to find out the benefits IPTV provides to its users!

The Benefits of Using IPTV

The huge difference between IPTV and cable TV is that cable is a one-way broadcast system, with all available programming going out from a central head using a hybrid-fiber-cable system. With IPTV, this is strictly baseband, compared to the cable using broadband modulation methods.

Beyond the jargon and differences, you’re probably wondering why it’s worth to switch to IPTV. Here are the reasons why:

Better Picture Quality

IPTV is powered by the Internet, so the picture quality would depend on the Internet speed you have. But IPTV has the edge here, as it comes with fiber optics so when you combine it with optic Internet, you can maximize its features and performance.

Usually, IPTV offers viewing in Full HD but you can also watch with a 4k resolution with fast Internet.

More Opportunities to Choose

IPTV has so many options of movies and shows to watch, compared to cable TV that has a strict and fixed program schedule you can’t change. With IPTV, you can switch from show to show, watching whatever you want without having to wait for when it’s about to come on in your favorite channel.

IPTV has no strict schedule and you won’t have to worry about missing an episode or movie. Furthermore, you can pause, skip, or rewind for your convenience.

And did we mention the fact that you have so many different shows, sports games, live TV, movies, documentaries, and more options to enjoy? IPTV would have navigable platforms that separate their offerings in different genres, making it easier to choose what to watch.

Faster Speed

Sure, the speed depends on your Internet quality, but because we live in a much more modern era, almost everyone in the world has a fast and stable Internet connection, so speed won’t be an issue.

If ever you don’t have the fastest Internet connection, there are different options. Sure, cable TV offers good speed, but you won’t be able to watch whatever you want and at any time. While the IPTV may sometimes buffer since you’re streaming, it won’t happen too often with the stable internet speed.

Device Versatility

Cable TV can only be connected to, of course, your television. With IPTV, you can connect it to just about any device you use as long as it’s connected to the same account.

So, if your kids or parents don’t want to watch the same movie you’re currently watching, you can all watch different shows simultaneously, and across different devices. Whether it’s your TV, laptop, or mobile device, you can watch anytime and anywhere with a stable Internet connection.

More TV Features

Compared to cable TV, IPTV gives its users even more convenient features to make their streaming service more pleasurable, such as:

  • Parental control for families. This ensures your children are streaming content safely, even if you’re not around.
  • Video on demand so you have the option to rent any movie, show, series, or concert for just a one-time fee
  • You can record content so you can watch it anytime, even if you missed the timeslot
  • An interactive TV guide so you have a program schedule for all the channels you want throughout the day
  • 3D channels for a more interactive streaming experience

The Price

The price of IPTV would depend on where you live, as each country would have different providers charging varied prices. But in most cases, IPTV would offer so many more affordable deals and promotions since this is a relatively new platform.

You can find providers offering ITPV deals that are paired with the Internet, your television, and even your mobile device so you can pay it in one bill. These package deals make everything more affordable!

Sure, cable TV may be a bit cheaper, but you get what you pay for! Add just a bit more to your bill and you can reap the advantages IPTV offers, alongside your TV, Internet, and other devices.

Beneficial for Hotels

Yes, IPTV is also beneficial for hotel and resort owners, among other businesses. It’s particularly profitable when hotels and resorts use it for the following reasons:

  • Clients have more choice over what streaming services, movies, and shows to stay entertained with when staying at your place
  • You can provide information about the hotel and the surrounding area using IPTV. Let clients know more about room services, travel options, tourist attractions, and even display digital signage for advertising. You can use IPTV as a marketing tool to gain more profit and entice people to use your services
  • Promote the area’s top attractions and enhance the tourism industry for more clients

Wrapping It Up

As the Internet and current technologies are improved regularly, it’s now an even better option to switch to Internet-powered television services. Not only is it faster, but it’s not more convenient with more access to your favorite shows and movies! With its many benefits, it’s no surprise as to why many people are switching to IPTV.

Hopefully, this article informed you more about IPTV and its beneficial uses. Don’t wait any longer and make the switch to IPTV and reap the advantages it offers today!

Do you have any questions or want to share your experiences using IPTV? Share them in the comments section below, all of your thoughts and insights are appreciated.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.