6 Ways an ISO Certification Can Help Your Business

Many of you may be wondering if the trouble involved in getting ISO certified is actually worth it. The companies that have not gone through the process will tell you no, that it is not worth it. The companies that have gone through it, though, will tell you the exact opposite. They will inform you that it is a mistake not to get it.

If you are unsure about what ISO Certification means we will go over it quickly before we start listing how it can help your business. This certificate means that you have taken your management systems to the next level, meeting all the guidelines set by ISO, and passing the inspections that come with the certification. Just keep in mind that the certification is only for the management systems, it has nothing to do with the products or services that your company sells or performs. By management systems, we mean management principles, which are interchanged and mean the same thing.

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  1. Applies To Any Size Of Business: You may think that since you are a one owner, small time company that you cannot get an ISO certification. That is not true at all. It does not matter how big, or how small, your company is. If you use a management program to help control things, you are able to get a certification that states that it is up to their standards. That is, of course if you are actually up to their standards.
  2. Team Commitment: Having an ISO certification will produce a work environment that is full of commitment and teams. There is no one person that can make or break your company. It is a team effort, and only as a team can the company prosper. This certification has been shown to improve team performance, reduce the amounts of missed shifts, and increase the profit margins overall.
  3. Best Practices: Being ISO certified offers you the opportunity to access guidelines and best practices that are used all around the world. It is a set of standards that increases every part of business, and as long as you stay ahead of any changes that they make, once you are in you are in.
  4. Productivity: The best way to increase profits, and decrease costs, is to maximize the productivity of your company. ISO certification means that you are at that level because a management system that is good enough to get certified, will be good enough to increase productivity across the board.
  5. Happy Customers: The more productive that your company is, the more trust that customers will give you. Trust means happy campers. A happy customer is a profitable customer, which is built through accurate, top line products or services. The management programs will help you achieve that level of operations. Advisera ISO 9001 is an example of a standard that improves management systems related to product and service quality.
  6. Profits: We are now down to the main reason that we are all in business. That is to make money. Money that turns to profits, not into repairs and reparations that need to be made. A management system that prevents mistakes, reduces waste, and increases efficiency will help you turn a profit.

These are the main 7 ways that an ISO certification can help your business. It all boils down to making money. The less waste that you have, and the more productive that your business is across all levels of operation, the more profits you will have leftover at the end of the workweek.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.