6 of Reasons Why You Should keep technology knowledge

What do you do when you are looking for a ride? Or, what do you do when you want to order any meal or necessary items? Luckily, we have a handy option like many apps that facilitate us in this arena. Nowadays, we will find technology’s touch in almost every sector.

Therefore, our daily tasks become more convenient and also efficient. But, some people you find are unwilling to hug new technological advancements. This happens due to a lack of proper knowledge and also motivation. In this article, we will discuss 6 reasons why you should keep technology knowledge.

6 importance of technology

Let’s see what are those 6 reasons:

1. Improving Communication

In early-2021, we experienced a serious issue called COVID-19 pandemic. That makes people confined into their homes for a long time. But the communication is not confined rather it continues by many software like Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, etc.

Besides, people are also being connected and sharing their ideas, knowledge through many social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Could you think of this in your grandpa’s era? Or, if we talk about Spanish Flu which broke out in 1918. Can you think of telemedicine service or WHO briefing at that time? The answer is undoubtedly “No”.

2. Improving Efficiency

Let’s drag the issue COVID-19 pandemic which has confined billions of people at their home. Is this confined issue stuck in our daily tasks? The answer you will find is “No” because we can do shopping, official meetings, teaching, etc in full swing online.

Apart from this pandemic, AIl technology, teleconferencing, electronic whiteboards, electronic calendars, computers, etc help us to perform our daily jobs efficiently, and many more examples you find like these in every sector.

3. Tighten Security

You may hear the Google Map which allows us to visit the whole world so quickly but virtually.  Another feature called GPS helps you be connected with your loving person. Therefore, you don’t need to fear to lose like Tarzan or stuck on the grand canyon like the 127 Hours movie.

Apart from those, you can tighten your home or workplace security by the surveillance app. In addition, if you have important data then don’t worry to lose those because you will find the cloud services to store securely.

4. Employment

Today, employees are not looking for the applicant in a traditional way like giving advertisements on Newspapers or TV. Rather, many online platforms like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Upwork, etc become a popular medium to find jobs. If you have any skill then don’t worry sign up any of these sites and find out your skill related job.

Ok, let’s see an example like in Upwork, you will find 5 million registered clients and 12 million registered freelancers. Besides, annual posting jobs in Upwork are 3 million and the monetary value is $1 billion. So, if you are behind in technological knowledge then this huge opportunity will slip from you.

5. For Learning

How do learners make their time fruitful in the lockdown situation when every educational institution shuts down their offline activity? In Udemy, the people’s enrollment for courses increased by 425% in late March 2020, and in April 2020 the amount lies at 300%.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 1.38 billion learners are affected due to institution closure. Here the good news is some learning activity could continue slightly through Zoom, Meet, etc. Undoubtedly, this situation teaches us practically why we need technological knowledge.

6. For Securing Job

We can’t deny that traditional jobs have been losing their past shine. Even some become on the way to distinct like the security guard, sales representative, etc. Recently, Microsoft announced to shut down its physical retail store and shifted those in e-store.

Could you think about what happens to those who are doing a job in their store? On the other hand, the tech field job’s demand rises significantly like SEO’s market becomes $80 billion. So, it is wise to shift to the tech field by acquiring any tech skill.

Heron Nelson

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