6 natural and inexpensive TIPS to improve your health?

We live in a paradigm which has normalised dis-ease,  pain and discomfort which programs us that deterioration is inevitable as we age as our body ‘wears out’.  Seeking immediate, or short term, medical solutions for our ailments has become second nature, but are we too quick to resort to chemical or surgical intervention?

Research has shown that  people who live in the ‘Blue Zone’ countries have distinctly greater mental and physical functionality, are happier, lead more fulfilled existences and many become centenarians (live to over 100).

It’s logical that living a rural existence with functional exercise each day, plenty of sunlight, away from pollution and within a community where we are valued and have purpose will contribute to our wellbeing.

But is that likely to be the sole reason for the stark difference in mortality and quality of life?

If we look at the animal kingdom in the wild, they don’t suffer from the same medical conditions we do even though they are sharing a similar planetary environment.  Cancer, heart disease and psychological disorders are rarely what animals in the wild pass on from.   It is a different situation if we look at animals kept in captivity, in zoos or circuses where man is in control of their food, exercise and social relationships.   In between, we have domesticated animals who can be ‘killed’ with kindness eating a diet designed  by humans instead of their natural wild diet.  Some may not get adequate exercise or social contact with their same species or are simply neglected.

Whilst the ‘ideal’ could be for us to move to a ‘Blue Zone’ region, there isn’t sufficient land mass for us all in Okinawa (Japan); Sardinia (Italy); Nicoya (Costa Rica); Icaria (Greece); and among the Seventh-day Adventists in Loma Linda, California.  Or our social circles and careers are most often in cities or urban areas.

Therefore, here are 6 natural, yet inexpensive, TIPs to improve your health:

Food:  remove, or seriously limit the following from your diet – processed foods, Genetically Modified foods, Foods sprayed with Pesticides, Fungicides and toxic chemicals to ‘help them grow’, refined sugars, grains, dairy, all protein, fermented and pasteurised foods, additives, table salt, caffeine.  Add raw food into your daily eating as living food, creates alive bodies.  Working with a Nutritional Therapist can help support you in transitioning to a healthier way of eating.

Household products:  Check labels to understand what you are bringing into your home/garden/spraying on yourself.  Many perfumes, toiletries, household and garden sprays contain allergy causing, carcinogenic or hormone disrupting chemicals.  Including fluoride in toothpaste, PCB in plastic bottles, glyphosate in ‘Round up’ and PFOA in teflon non-stick kitchenware.

Pharmaceuticals:   Research alternative natural remedies.  Most medications have their origin in nature and our bodies respond more synergistically with nature’s molecules vs synthetic drugs.

Exercise: bodies love to move, so find movement that works best for you which could be dancing, walking, swimming, yoga, martial arts, table tennis rather than traditional gym/aerobic/running workouts. 

Contemplation time:  Find at least 1 hour every day and 3-4 hours each weekend to do something that balances your energy, takes you out of your logical thinking mind and your sympathetic nervous system into a regenerative, creative, parasympathetic state of being.  A great way to let go of your logical, rational mind, worries and concerns is to have a session of Access Bars, which is an energy medicine technique which acts like a ‘delete button’ on your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Re-connect: with your playful self, with nature and past-times that make you happy.  Reignite relationships with friends and family that are easy and fun to be with and who accept you as you are.  Seek new adventures and connections if your current ones are stale or absent.

A Wellbeing Coach can help you evaluate your life and provide knowledge, tools, education and encouragement for you to evolve your health in a way that is achievable and realistic for you.

6 natural inexpensive tips to improve your. health
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6 natural inexpensive tips to improve your. health
It’s logical that living a rural existence with functional exercise each day, plenty of sunlight, away from pollution and within a community where we are valued and have purpose will contribute to our wellbeing.
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