6 Different Ways to Locate Real Estate Deals in 2021

With the year 2020 now ended, many can attest that it has been a tough one. The ongoing Covid19 pandemic has ravaged the world and affected all sectors. Economic progress has been grounded, and every industry slowed down if not stopped. That’s been true for real estate investment too. 

Will those in the real estate industry manage to catch up and regain the lost time? Yes, with proper planning, they can do so. First, they need to find ways of locating real estate deals in 2021. Here are six ways to do that. 

Have a Smart Network Base 

A significant way to know real estate deals is to network smart. Having connections with friends and acquaintances who might know that you’re buying real estate can help. Inform everyone in your social circle (friends, colleagues, relatives, and family members. Tell them that you’re searching for real estate deals. They don’t have to be selling but might know someone doing so. 

Take advantage of social media and make proper use of the platforms available. Marketing via social media has become the best way to reach large audiences, and businesses know that; they use them intensely. Active participation in social media can guarantee you valuable real estate deals. Join real estate groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, where sellers and agents market their properties for sale.  

Utilize the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)  

Most people locate a property for sale through the MLS. Pinetop AZ MLS listings come from the White Mountain Association of REALTORS which covers all of Northeastern Arizona. This is a platform where real estate agents/owners list the properties they have to get clients. Searching for real estate deals on the MLS might help, but you’ll need an agent with access to the MLS as it’s not accessible to everyone. Even if you might face stiff competition and engage in bidding struggles, getting a capable agent can help you locate good real estate deals.  

Work with Real Estate Professionals and Trusted Agents 

You can also work with numerous professionals with access to off-market deals. These experts include; – realtors, brokers, property managers, contractors, lenders, real estate attorneys, and other real estate investors. These people can be an ideal source of leads and are worth networking with for the best results. Try and join property investment clubs and attend meetups. That way, your network will grow and become a great source of deals.  

Working with reliable real estate agents is very recommended. These individuals happen to be experienced and have a stable network from which they can get the needed deals. They’re familiar with the local housing market, trends, and other related details. Thus, if you can find a trustworthy agent, then be sure to work with him/her for better results. 

Be on the Look-Out for “For Sale” Signs   

People want to sell their property and save money at the same time. Instead of advertising on media platforms, some owners may set up signs with the “For Sale” tags at strategic points or even on buildings. All you need to do with such properties is call whatever number is given and follow the laid-down procedure to get the property.  

Another way related to being on the look-out for such signs is to employ the “driving for dollars” technique. That entails driving around the neighborhoods you plan to invest in to hunt for the property you need. Please note vacant houses and the addresses for those owning them to contact them for further assistance. The “driving for dollars” strategy is less expensive, less time-consuming, and isn’t tiring. 

Real Estate Auctions, Public Records, and Craigslist 

All these are suitable places to locate real estate deals. Check if there’s a local auction and attend it. Online auction websites can also assist you in getting better deals. Even so, remember to take time and research the various auctions available, their terms of operation, and other relevant information that might help you make the appropriate decision. Surveying public records is also a way of locating deals. They usually feature short-sales and pre-foreclosures, which real estate experts consider excellent deals. 

What about visiting Craigslist? Yes, it’s a perfect way to search for property for sale near you and reach out to the owners. That’s because several homeowners list their homes on Craigslist, mostly when avoiding incurring agent fees. You can also advertise that you’re looking for a property or directly email someone selling a home. 

Make Good Use of Websites and Online Marketplaces  

The other essential way to use while finding real estate deals is by using websites. People search for online content every second. If some might come across your website inquiring about property deals, they can help. If you’re a seller, consider creating a professional, engaging, and detailed website that can help you reach a target audience. You can write blogs to the website to help garner more traffic and generate more leads. Mention what you want within the blogs. 

As a buyer, you can search for property online via numerous real estate websites and online marketplaces. While this method can be challenging and involved, it can still help locate real estate deals. 

Some of these ways can apply to both sellers and buyers looking for real estate deals. In contrast, others may be specifically suitable for use by buyers. Yet still, they’re all significant when it comes to searching for property investment deals. There are several other ways not listed, though these are the major ones you can trust. 

The Bottom Line 

Are you planning to invest in real estate or just buying a property in 2021? Kudos! We hope that it will be a successful year and not wasted like in 2020. If you have such a plan, why not start by knowing how and where you can obtain excellent business deals? This blog has considered six practical ways to help anyone looking for real estate deals to locate them efficiently. 

Did we miss out on something about real estate investment that you need to know? You may learn more here for more information. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.