5 Weird Things That Could Affect Your Insurance Rates

  1. Your Marital Status

Does being married make you safer on the road? Probably not, but many insurance companies charge higher premiums for single motorists in comparison to married drivers. Some insurance companies have done studies that have shown married drivers to be more responsible on the road. Check with your insurance company to find out how your marital status affects your rates. Many companies vary widely in this regard, so make sure to compare insurance companies to find yourself the best rate possible.


  1. The Work You Do

If your occupation requires you to be on the road frequently, or have an extremely high-stress profession, it could negatively affect your insurance premiums. Auto insurance companies make correlations between jobs and accident rates, even if they seem completely unrelated. For example, a lawyer may have higher insurance rates, even if they drive the same car as a teacher.


  1. Where you live (and where you park)

Living in a high-traffic area, like a big city, can cost you in more ways than just higher rent. City dwellers tend to pay much higher insurance premiums than their country counterparts because of things like accident potential and vandalism. However, if you live in a city that has low crime rates and is generally safe, you could find yourself paying a lower premium than a more rural and crime-ridden area. Insurers will take into account things like the rate of car theft, how often there are vehicle collisions in your area, and the weather in your city. All of these can contribute to a higher quote for your automobile insurance policy.


  1. A low credit score

Low credit scores affect your ability to purchase a home or get a loan, but did you also know it could negatively affect your car insurance quote? Unfortunately for those with bad credit, insurance companies often use your credit score as a predictor for future insurance rates.


  1. Your habits

Things like smoking cigarettes can affect your automobile insurance rates. Smoking is allowed in moving vehicles, but interestingly enough, smokers who light up while driving are slightly more likely to get into an automobile accident.


  1. Likelihood of theft

An obvious reason for a higher insurance premium, but what’s interesting is which cars are most likely to be stolen. According to AutoTrader, this year’s most stolen car was the Lexus GX460, followed closely by the Ford Pickups. Before purchasing your vehicle, find out if it’s one of the more widely stolen cars. This could have a significant impact on your insurance premiums, so it’s best to make sure before purchasing your vehicle.



When it comes to automobile insurance for your vehicle, the key to finding the best rate is to be aware of where you may be spending more, and where you can save money. If you already have insurance, and think you may be paying more than you should, compare your rate to other auto insurance companies, and speak to your provider to see what s/he can do.



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