5 Ways to Start a Profitable YouTube Channel

 Social Media has been playing a very important role in the development of businesses and brands in recent times. In olden times, the companies marketed their brands through many cliche methods like printing out posters and flyers and advertising their brands with cheesy slogans and such. But, due to the development of social media, people are now marketing their brands through social media pages, making influencers with a lot of followers on their social media profiles as their product ambassadors and posting details about their product online. This list of methods includes developing profitable YouTube channels. This article tells us many ways on how to gain YouTube subscribers, and get real YouTube views, and many other ways to compromise ways to start and keep a channel interesting.

Starting a YouTube Channel:

Though writing blogs and creating social media pages can be useful and increase the number of followers of your page, video blogging is becoming more popular and is preferred by audiences every day over other written content. Some social media pages that can be used to post videos online include Instagram and, of course, YouTube. 

1. When you want to open a profitable YouTube channel with a high number of followers, great income, and quality content, many tips and methods can make you a contributing member in the world of video content creation and vlogging among many other benefits. With a steady number of likes and shares of your video, you can become a great vlogger too.

  • First, you must set up a YouTube channel by signing up in google and YouTube and create a channel and set your profile picture, and fill out the required details. 
  • Select the topic of your first video with great care since it might probably set the first impression of your channel for many.
  • Ask your friends and loved ones to share your channel and gain likes as much as they can to gain popularity. 
  • To keep your videos crisp and clear with great quality audio, always use the right equipment more than the best and that will always be an added asset to your channel. 

           Though many professionals use mirror less cameras, DSLRs, tripods, lenses, and such, to fix their gear, some vloggers who are not that professional and yet post videos daily use a good action camera, a monopod, and a handheld gimbal stabilizer to fix up gear staples.

The microphone used and even the lighting devices must be chosen and handled with great care. Vloggers normally use a lavalier mic or a good condenser mic for their audio needs. 

  • When you have completed shooting, do select and use basic editing software that you are acquainted with working with and make your work even more attractive and add hues that will make your videos pop with colour. While advanced professionals use advanced software like Final Cut Pro or Adobe PhotoShop, day-to-day vloggers can use simple programs like Apple iMovie or Windows Movie Maker that can be easily downloaded on computers.
  • Some other tips also include planning your content properly and executing them in a way that can make them reach billions. Keep your videos interesting, engaging and post content that people can relate to and would want to watch till the end of the vlog. A sprinkle of humor and sarcasm can never go wrong!

2. Producing great and interesting material also means sticking to a theme or topic and doing your best to convey what you exactly had in your mind. Many popular YouTubers base their videos on a common theme for their playlists like beauty and make-up vlogs, travel vlogs, daily life vlogs, tutorials, and many more.

3. WP Dev Shed recommends choosing the right backgrounds, outfits, and accessories so that you manage to convey what you exactly want to convey. Always look for inspirations from other popular YouTubers so that you can become a seasoned content creator with fresh ideas and desirable content. Take an idea, own it, and build your filming and communication techniques with every video you post. 

4. Edit your videos in ways that only the important parts and relevant shots are included in the final videos. Clip out bloopers and bluffed out moments to keep your content and video catchy and interesting. Yet, do add a few nonsensical shots so that the video remains natural and great.

5. When you come around to the idea of marketing your YouTube channel to gain YouTube subscribers, always 

-Optimize your Videos for Search and SEO:

  •  Make sure your title contains the main keyword or key phrase to keep your video easily accessible by the viewers who search videos by typing the keywords in YouTube search bars and Google Search too. 
  • Use relevant tags and add your video and multiple categories that relate to the video in any way. Add a good description with all the main keywords and synonyms and keep it short, so that the viewer understands what he is about to see yet is still intrigued even after reading the description.

-Build your Network with Social Media:

Make friends, create pages and promote your channel and get real YouTube views and shares as much as you can. Encourage collaborations and keep the channel growing.

-Connect with your viewers through tweets, comments, messages, live interactions, and even through your trusted personal account in your various social media pages.

– Ignore negative and abusive comments and never take them inside your head and keep your head high. Post videos regularly so that you get a steady flow of views, likes, and shares, and also an active number of subscribers. 

Creating a YouTube channel can be great and rewarding and it is a hobby/pastime that can get you popularity and a good sum of payments. Keep your ideas creative, contents fresh and you will be collaborating with large brands in no time. Why waste time when you can turn your hobbies and interests into something that provides you profit?!.

Dorian Koci

Dr. Dorian Koçi is a historian, Director of National Historical Museum of Albania and lecturer in Tirana State University, Faculty of History and Philology and New York University of Tirana.