5 Ways to Improve your Site

A website is like your business card. It should present the very best of your company and be a guarantee of a solid product and effective collaboration. If it doesn’t serve its purpose, it’s actually quite useless. And if it’s not visible in the search engine results, potential customers probably have some difficulties in reaching it and it doesn’t really matter if it’s appealing and interesting. So, what should you do to improve your site and gain new clients? Here are 5 possible solutions for your consideration.

1. SEO is your way to success

You haven’t invested in SEO Positioning yet? It’s high time to catch up! Being at the top of search engine results makes the people searching for your products or services more eager to click and check your website. If you’re selling what they need and offer competitive prices, it’s all set! What’s more, SEO helps optimize your site, making it more pleasant, user-friendly, and readable. A professional agency checks if the code is right in terms of Google requirements of something has to be additionally improved.

2. Mobile friendliness is key

We live in the XXI century when most people can’t imagine their lives without smartphones. Almost the whole world went digital, making use of the simplest and quickest solutions. You probably use your mobile phone every day, too, right? That’s why it’s reasonable to assume that your potential customers use them as well – also when they’re browsing your site and looking for a perfect product or a high-quality service. What you need to do to make it most convenient is taking care of your site’s mobile friendliness. It should have a responsive design, being adjustable to every mobile device size. Fonts and buttons sizes should be well thought through as well.

3. Navigate, not irritate

Proper site navigation is extremely important if you want your clients to easily discover what they’re interested in. If they enter your website and don’t find what they’re looking for, they will simply move to your competition. What irritates internet customers the most? If something doesn’t work right. It’s not that they’ll try again. Too many fish in the sea. Navigation should be simple and clear. It should present every page and each of them should be properly named. Use call to action (CTA) and internal linking – they will make things even easier.

4. Write a valuable blog

A well conducted blog can boost your website’s performance both in terms of search engine optimization support and the quality of people who visit it. If you write (or hire someone to write) valuable content that answers your customers’ questions and doubts in a friendly manner, they’re yours. They will probably visit you more often and trust your expertise.

5. Speed things up

If your website doesn’t load fast enough, it loses in the eyes of Google and potential clients. People got used to sites working smoothly and quickly. If they aren’t then you already know that competition doesn’t sleep and takes care of such details to win more customers.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.