5 Ways to Find the Best Products to Sell on Amazon

In this market of competition and growth, it isn’t easy to sustain yourself and your business without some trailblazing ideas. With the youth being tech-savvy and the older generations following them, online platforms have flourished, including marketplaces. They have advantages of their own, and you can continue expanding your business and working from your home if you want to when operating your business online. You also get a ready base of customers already using the marketplaces like Amazon.

On the one hand, the market has become easy to grasp with the emergence of an online marketplace. On the other hand, it is also challenging to get noticed in that oversaturated market. So, you need to do your research and find ways to find the products that will perform well or rather sell well on these marketplaces like Amazon.

  • Google Trends

You can always get Google trends’ help and look at the current trends in the market. For example, suppose you want to look at the trends in underground wire locators. You will have to enter it in the search bar and look at the trends and sales. You can also look at “Related Queries” and see if you have any more questions and look at more queries regarding your products. Now, make a list based on the trends and your research.

  • Check the Amazon Bestseller page.

Amazon has already made your work easy with its bestseller page. You can go to the website and check out the items that sell well. You will get a fair idea about what you can sell. If you already know what you can sell or what category of products you want to sell, you can click on the types and subcategories, narrow your search down to the extreme, and look at what is selling well. However, the trick is to check it for a long time because sometimes some product sales might be due to some trend or season. So, if you want to catch the more extensive market and not just the temporary one, you need to keep coming back to the page for a long time.

  • Keyword Search

Look for keywords that you can add to your description or title to find products that will sell well with the keywords. Look for the products that have been searched for the most and choose products from the list you want to sell. Or, if you have a set of products in your mind, you can search for them and scroll down until the end of the page and look for the categories in which the item is listed and see if it lands on the bestseller lists, and see the categories under which it lands. You can collect this information, make a list of products, and understand what to enlist and what not.

  • Solve problems

As humans, we have both needs and wants in our life. However, amidst all these, we also have our problems. So, make sure that the products you sell are bridging problems in people’s lives. When your product focuses on the needs of people, it tends to sell more since it makes life easier for the masses, and people can relate to the problem and the product. In contrast, if your product is disconnected from the masses, people will find it difficult to find its uses in their daily lives. This will lead them to overlook your product, ultimately leading to your loss. So, make sure that you choose a product that the masses can relate to and need in their daily life.

  • Analyze your potential competitors

When you have an idea about what products to sell and whatnot, you can look into your potential competitors and what they’re selling. You need to have a notch over them to win your customers over. So, you need to go through the customer’s reviews and correctly analyze what to do and what not. Finally, you should have confidence in your products so that your products would win over the customers.

Now that you have all the knowledge on finding the best product you can sell on Amazon, you can start looking for the products and start strategizing products to make your product the best selling one.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.