5 Ways To Customize Your Business Envelope Design

Business envelopes provide marketing opportunities for brands. As a business owner, you need to use every marketing tool you have to expand your company. Many business owners fail to realize the power behind envelope design. Meanwhile, marketing mailers generate sales with effective envelope designs. In fact, this old school tactic can triple your responses. You have the opportunity to advertise your brand to consumers the second they reach their hands into their mailboxes. With the right envelope design, you can persuade potential customers to open the mail you sent and purchase your products. Read on to discover the best ways to customize your business envelope design.

Use Unique Graphics

To intrigue consumers, use unique graphics as part of your business envelope design. Consumers think little of regular, white envelopes. Such envelopes contain bills and other information that people typically do not look forward to. Rather than add to the pile of bland white envelopes, stand out with graphics. Templates offer graphics ranging from colorful flowers to black and white shapes. You can improve real estate marketing with envelopes that portray photos of houses on them. Or, you can repurpose your existing sales and marketing materials. Brand your business by choosing relevant graphics for your envelopes. Consumers will notice them over the traditional white ones.

Include Your Logo

Another way to customize your business envelope design is to implement your logo. Since your logo is specific to your brand, adding it to your envelope is a great marketing tactic. Even if consumers choose to not open your envelope, they are sure to notice your logo on it. Then, when they see that same logo elsewhere, they are more likely to look into it. Furthermore, whoever your mail comes in contact with will see your logo and associate it with your brand. Logo implementation is a great envelope design advertising tool.

Preview With Windows

Similarly, previewing with windows on business envelopes is also a great advertising tool. Upon designing your business envelopes, choose window envelopes according to your style of choice. As you can see at https://www.envelopesuperstore.com/, there are various types of window envelopes, including custom, single or double windows. With a wide range of options, you have the opportunity to provide consumers with a preview of what your mail entails. You can use envelope windows as you would subject lines when email marketing. If you are having a sale, you can promote it through the envelope window. Consequently, consumers are more likely to open your mail and take advantage of the sale. As a result, you transform consumers into customers through your business envelope design.

Customize Size

Size is also an impactful factor to consider when designing your business envelopes. Many envelope design templates allow you to alter the dimensions of your envelopes. In doing so, you can guarantee that they are the perfect fit for your contents. At the same time, you can ensure that your envelopes stand out among the others if they are a different size. This is a simple and sneaky way to impress businesses or customers. They are more likely to be intrigued by smaller envelopes with cardboard-like contents inside than they are by regularly-sized ones with paper contents. Include quality advertisements inside your uniquely-sized envelopes to reward customers for opening your mail. Then, you will effectively market to consumers with your business envelope design.

Personalize With Colors

Furthermore, get creative with your colors when customizing your business envelope design. Every marketing professional will stress how crucial colors are to advertising. Understand the connotations and emotional effects certain colors have on consumers. At the same time, choose colors that correlate with the industry your business is in. If you own an ice cream shop, use bright, happy colors. In contrast, if you sell medical supplies, opt for more professional colors that are still eye-catching. Of course, colors that stick out are the most effective, including red and yellow. They prove that color does really matter. Contemplate the best colors before completing your business envelope design.

You should consider the marketing power of business envelope design to advertise to more consumers. To effectively advertise through your envelopes, use unique graphics. Incorporate your logo to advertise to anyone who see your outgoing mail. Provide consumers with previews into what your mail holds through envelope windows. Customize your size to stand out from other pieces of mail. Finally, choose eye-catching colors that are appropriate to your business. Now, you know the top ways to customize your business envelope design.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.