5 Trends in Men’s Athleisure for the Business Professional

The bubble in athleisure wear was “forecast” in 2015, but the market has remained strong with expectations of a 6.8% CAGR through 2024 to hit $560 billion. Jumpsuits and track suits of the 70s helped ignite the industry, but we’re seeing how small changes can lead to consistency in the marketplace.

According to Willy California, clothes that double as workout gear and casual attire are rising in popularity. This has led to the rise of athleisure apparel with tighter fits and a more professional look.

The rise of telecommuting and self-employment has made athleisure wear the new option for some business professionals. Trends that all business professionals should be watching in athleisure wear are:

1. Larger Companies Have Diversified Into the Market

Diversification is the key to success in business, and professionals can learn from some of the largest brands in the world that have started their own athleisure wear departments. The large companies are competing with strong brands, such as Willy California, that have carved out their own market share in the niche.

Brands that have their own lines of athleisure wear are:

·         Nike

·         Lulu

·         Gap (Athleta)

·         American Eagle

2. Tighter Fits for a Professional Look

The industry is evolving, and we’re seeing baggy athleisure wear fall to the wayside. Tighter fitting shirts and pants are able to be worn at a business meeting or out on the jogging trail.

Manufacturers are evolving, and this is the key for any business that wants to be able to remain competitive in the market.

3. Social Media is Fueling Change

Target audiences remain crucial for all industries, and clothing is one industry that is keeping a pulse on the social media platform. The yoga community has really started to embrace activewear, and we’re seeing more athleisure wear brands reach out to these communities for input and to implement change in their line of clothing.

Instagram leads consumer influence in terms of shopping habits with 50% of people going on Instagram to make purchasing decisions.

Women and men are helping shape the thought process of fashion companies that want to be able to promote to larger audiences on social media.

4. Layering is Back in Style

Layering is back in style, and it’s a trend that we’re seeing men follow often. The tight-fitting zip up is left open with a solid colored shirt underneath for the casual look. But we’re also seeing these same zip ups being half zipped to provide a cleaner look.

5. Rise in Sustainability and Giving Back

Athleisure wear brands are appealing to their demographic by offering sustainable options for consumers. We’re seeing a lot of brands being more conscious about their products, offering organic cotton materials and ensuring work conditions exceed expectations.

Companies are also giving back whether it be to the families of people that died in the military or to other charities or organizations.

The idea of a sustainable product and giving back has really appealed to the athleisure wear market, and it’s a concept that all small businesses can follow to some degree.