5 Tips To Show Employee Appreciation During The Holiday Season

The holiday season is among us! Which means it’s a great time to show employee appreciation. The end of the year is approaching and your team has worked hard to help your business thrive. Why not engage in some holiday cheer by showing appreciation to employees? 

We talked to five businesses to learn their best tips for showing employee recognition during the holidays. Read on for ideas to use this year to support employees and boost morale.

5 Tips To Show Employee Appreciation During the Holiday Season

It’s important to show employees appreciation during the holidays, especially if they are working overtime. Christmastime can be a busy season for many people and is the perfect time to show you care about them. Here are five ways to show holiday spirit and support your employees.

1. Host a Company-Sponsored Holiday Party

“An annual holiday party is always a fan-favorite work activity during the holiday season,” says a representative from BestCompaniesAZ. Hosting a company-sponsored holiday party with catered lunch or dinner is very much appreciated by employees. This gives them the extra time to spend getting to know their colleagues on a more personal level. Make sure to decorate your holiday party space and play holiday music to bring the spirit alive!

2. Send a Handwritten Card and Gift Card

Recruiterie suggests sending employees a handwritten card and gift card to celebrate them this upcoming holiday season. Choose a gift card that is applicable to them that they can use to treat themselves. A handwritten note from a manager or executive also shows that you value employees because of the time that was taken to add a personal touch. Use holiday cards with fun designs to spice things up instead of plain cards and address each employee by name.

3. Send a Holiday Gift Basket

Boost employee morale with a holiday gift basket. Cruise America shares that when giving gifts for employees, try to ensure they are something most people would like to receive. It may be hard to please absolutely everyone, but generally, cookies or an assortment of other sweet treats is a safe bet. This way, employees can share the gift with their families or friends at home. There are plenty of options for gift baskets that employees will love! 

4. Give a Holiday Bonus

A representative from Preciate says, “Holiday bonuses are much appreciated by any employee. Especially when money can sometimes be tighter during the holidays after gifts are bought.” Consider a surprise holiday bonus if your company doesn’t already guarantee one. This bonus can be used by employees to cover Christmas gifts they’ve already bought or be used to help plan a future vacation.

5. Host an Award Ceremony

One employee recognition idea for the holidays is to host an award ceremony. Curricula shares that award ceremonies are an effective way to boost employee engagement and make individuals feel appreciated. You can recognize employees and award them gift certificates, an extra day of PTO, or another reward. This can be done as either an in-person event or a virtual event for remote or hybrid companies. 

Now that you know five different tips for showing employee appreciation this year, it’s time to choose what you will do. Any of these options would be a thoughtful gift for your employees. In whatever you do, make it genuine and show you recognize the work they’ve been putting in.

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