5 Tips To Get More Email Sign-Ups and Subscribers

How can you get people to sign up and subscribe when their inboxes are filled with hundreds of emails asking them to do the same?  Sumo reports that the average rate for email opt-in across all verticals is just about 1.95%. This makes it evident that you need to be radical in how you approach your customers with offers because they don’t respond to traditional methods of persuasion.

Email is a vital part of their marketing strategy for most companies. And the number of opt-ins is an effective way to gauge the performance and effectiveness of their email marketing programs.

Still, marketing teams struggle to maximize their conversion opportunities when trying to get more email sign-ups and subscribers. So here are some quick techniques to increase the number of your email subscriptions while improving the bottom line.

Offer Multiple Opportunities To Subscribe

If you want your potential customers to take action, i.e., purchase an item or sign up for your emails—make it as simple as possible for them to do so.

Offer a freebie. It doesn’t necessarily have to be outrageous when it comes to monetary value. Your company services or products are usually the best giveaways.

A brilliant way to persuade people to sign for your email list is to provide them something valuable, such as a coupon code, free eBook, access to credible resources, etc., in return for their sign-up.

This technique works. However, be mindful that you don’t provide false information or make commitments that you can’t meet. It will hurt your brand’s credibility, and users will unsubscribe and mark your email as junk/spam.

Leverage Double Opt-in Verification For Emails

Double opt-in involves confirming and verifying the users’ email addresses before including them in your subscriber’s list. This might feel like an unnecessary step; however, it’s convenient to safeguard your list from bots and spammers.

When people enter the email address, they receive an email message with a confirmation link for their address. This lets you make sure that emails are not auto-generated and valid.

Remember, you don’t want an email list with thousands of inactive users. Instead, you need subscribers who are genuinely interested in your content and brand, even if there are only a few hundred of them.

So if someone isn’t willing to take additional steps to authenticate their email address, you don’t need them on your list.

Implement A Pop-Up

Pop-up forms are a valuable and robust way to increase your email subscriptions, conversion power, and visibility. They are incredibly effective. This is why brands still incorporate them. However, the key is to have a visually appealing and compelling pop-up that would entice visitors to provide you with their email addresses.

Remember to highlight your “inducement” (coupons, content, free resources, etc.) in this pop-up. It’s also good not to pop up before your customers have even seen what your website looks like. Instead, set the pop-up for 30 seconds or so once a customer lands on your page.

Exit pop-ups, drop-downs, and slide-ins give you options to attract and gain new subscribers. Irrespective of the technique you prefer, pop-up forms are worth the effort.

Promote Your Sign-up Forms Via Social Media

Has every fan and follower on your social pages already subscribed to your emails/newsletters? Probably, not.

As you try to get more email subscriptions, you can generate a landing page exclusively for this purpose. Make sure you emphasize your offer in a clear way in the caption and come up with an attention-grabbing copy around it.

You can promote sign-up forms through your landing pages in the social media content, such as tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram stories and posts.

Another way to promote your sign-up forms is to include your landing page URL in your bio. This is more like an advertisement, so make sure that you explain what the visitor should expect to receive after clicking on that particular bio link.

Demonstrate Instant Value

On your sign-up form, don’t just mention “Join our Email List” or “Subscribe to our Newsletter” or.” That is dull; instead, include and communicate messaging that outlines the value your content may provide. 

As they sign up, inform your visitors that they are about to get great tips and how-to guides, savings, deals, and other incentives.

For your visitors to willingly provide their email address, it is essential to highlight the benefits in a crystal clear manner – and address the question, “what is in it for me?” e.g., add a section stating to send updates regarding new product launches, a compelling offer for the customers. 

Wrapping Up

It’s no wonder that email marketing is an integral part of digital marketing. However, while there are various ways to master and hone this process, getting more sign-ups and subscribers takes its due time.

Email subscription is an invaluable way to connect with the prospect. However, make sure you don’t ask too many questions to the user. Also, offer them value-packed benefits that interest them.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.