5 Tips All Sales Reps Should Know

When you’ve officially been hired as a sales representative, you’re excited and ready to start working hard but it’s important for you to ask what “working hard” means for this job. In my opinion, different jobs have different definitions because each job requires different responsibilities. 

Your company has entrusted you with their product and you want to make sure that they know you take this seriously. Yes, you know that you have to sell your product but how do you do that successfully? How do you take this job from something you’re good at to something you’re the best at? Here are five things that a great sales representative should know.

1. You Represent the Brand and Should Act Accordingly

One of the great things about being a sales rep is that you are not constantly being watched by the “big guy” and it is easy to let that affect how you act. The reality of the situation is that you’re being watched by someone that is far more important than your boss. You’re being watched by the customers. When you’re on the job, everything you say and do affects your customers and that directly affects not only your career but the brand as a whole. If you are swearing, constantly on your phone, inappropriately flirting with people, or simply being careless, you’ve probably lost sales and your brand has lost the respect of those watching.

2. Appearance Matters

This one should be obvious, but I want to make sure that I mention it because it’s often the most common mistake. Some people believe that they don’t have to dress a certain way because they’re “a good salesman” and that “should be enough” and while you may be a good salesman, dressing nicely and having a smile on your face are absolutely crucial to this type of job. 

If you’re not dressed in a suit or dress or at least a nicely pressed shirt and pants/skirt, you are significantly less likely to even be able to start a conversation with someone about the product. Without a conversation, there is no sale. 

3. Be Knowledgeable About the Product or Service

Sales reps don’t just show someone a product and get their money. You are there to have a conversation about the product; to answer questions and maybe even show examples. You’re a representative, not a cashier. 

“Without extensive knowledge on the product you are selling, you can’t answer the questions and have those conversations. You may be the customer’s only point of contact for your product and without all of the information and ability to answer their questions, they will never buy.” – Andrew Nelson, Employee Training and Employee Benefits Consultant 

4. Be Passionate About What You’re Selling

More than just knowing a lot about the product, you have to actually care about it and the brand as a whole. Your positive energy and passion will be infectious. When your customers can feel that you are telling them the truth about how you feel, you are building trust with them and the possibility that they will buy from you increases. 

5. Utilize Sales Software

Software like Pobuca, for example, can help you do everything that you can’t do in person or over the phone. It is the perfect sales “assistant”. You can create orders, returns, free gifts with orders and any type of special document that you need to get to your customer. You can collect data and filter products based upon what your customer usually buys, as well as change pricing based on sales or special discounts. Sales reps can’t do it all on their own. Make sure to utilize the proper sales software.

Being a sales rep for a company is an exciting job that can also be quite lucrative. Understand the product you’re selling, be passionate each and every day and utilize helpful sales software for the best possible career as a sales rep. 

About the Author: 

Sam Willis is an accomplished business consultant with more than 5 years of professional business writing. He helps business owners calculate company worth and learn how to sell your business to get paid the maximum value for your company. 

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Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.