5 Things to Consider Before Choosing the Right Colocation Site

More data is being analyzed, collected, and generated now than it ever has before. Colocation at a reliable data centre has become the answer for security, data storage, and easy access.

There are quite a few things to consider when choosing the colocation site to suit your needs. 

Location is key

Where you decide to collocate is a major decision and needs to be researched and thought about carefully. It’s important to have a colocation site that is in close proximity to you or your business, so you can go check on your systems and manage them properly as needed.

Security for peace of mind

The colocation site you choose should leave you with a strong peace of mind that your data is protected. There should be multiple layers of security used, and the company should be willing to tell you what those security layers consist of. Everything from keycard access to alarm systems should be standard. 

The price

Most companies are on a budget, so the cost will naturally be one of the major concerns. It’s important to carefully consider your options based on the history of the company, the services provided, and your budget as well. 


Connectivity is a major consideration. After all, if you can’t stay connected to your colocation site, what’s the point of having it to begin with? Reliability, redundancy, disaster recovery, and business continuity are only a few of the things you should look for before making that final decision when it comes to connectivity. 

Financial stability

It’s important to look at the financial stability of the colocation site you choose as well. You want the site to be able to support you for at least five years, and face no significant financial problems while doing so. 

In a world that relies more and more on the internet and internet storage every day, it’s a good idea to have a colocation site that you can trust. Just make sure to consider these few things first, and you should be just fine.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.