5 Things a Visitor Management Software Can Do

Manual logbooks and sign-in sheets are slowly dwindling in terms of popularity. This is because of the emergence of modern alternatives, which include check in apps for business, such as Greetly. Essentially, the latter automates the process of receiving visitors in an office. It is a visitor management software, which is also considered as a great alternative to the conventional receptionist. In the rest of this post, we will have a quick look at some of the things that it can do for the business.

Minimize Costs of Operation

Looking for the best way to bring down the costs of operating a business? While the list can be almost endless, one of the practical solutions is to use a visitor management software. The latter is designed to act as a digital receptionist. Obviously, using it will be more cost-effective compared to having to pay an actual human to do the task. The harsh reality of life is that technology has shown how capable it is of replacing some human functions.

Issue Visitor Badges

With a visitor management software, the issuance of visitor badges can be automated. It can be done without the intervention of a human receptionist. All that the guests need to do is to input their personal details, including their name, contact number, and the person they wish to visit. In the end, a visitor badge will be printed. The guest should wear it at all times within the office premises to be easily identified by the employees.

Capture Images of Visitors

The visitor management software also comes with a feature that captures an image of the guests upon successful registration. This is an important security measure. This can help to deter any intention to behave in a manner that is untoward, knowing that the management has his or her picture on file. Also, this makes it easier to track who had an access in the office if any unscrupulous activity is being investigated.

Allows Pre-Registration

Although this will depend on the specific software that will be chosen, it also enables pre-registration. This is perfect for those who have hectic schedules and no time to spare to wait. You can pre-register ahead of your visit using a link that will be provided. This way, you will already be pre-screened by the system. By the time that you arrive, all that you will have to do is to claim the visitor badge.

Generate Detailed Reports

You will not have to do things manually when there is a visitor management software. Even the creation of reports will be automatic. This makes it easy to see relevant data, such as the total number of visitor arrivals, the time at which they peaked, and even the person who accepted the most visitors within a specific duration.

Indeed, a visitor management system is one of the most effective ways to improve your front office. With all the things that it can do, it is an investment that is worth your money!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.