5 Steps to Take if You’re Hit by a DUI Driver

If you have become a victim of a car accident and believe a drunk driver was behind it, you must know what to do next. When a DUI (driving under the influence) driver causes a car accident, it isn’t just criminal penalties that await them. They could also be held accountable for damage and injuries resulting from the accident. Hence, they will need a DUI criminal lawyer to represent them in court.

The actions you take following the car accident will impact your chances of obtaining compensation, so here are five steps you should take straight away.

Call 911

The first step you must take after being hit by a DUI driver is to call 911. Once you let law enforcement know, you are guaranteed your accident will be documented. This is important when making a claim with your insurance provider or filing a lawsuit against the individual who caused the crash. Should you not contact the police, the DUI driver may strike again, and the victim may not be so lucky to tell the tale. Also, the other driver may hire a lawyer for DUI arrests, meaning you need to obtain a police report to strengthen your case.


After a car accident, your emotions will be all over the place. However, you need to cooperate with law enforcement, especially when it comes to seeking compensation. Try your best to remember every detail of the accident, and make sure you do not exaggerate what has happened. The police will want to know facts, so you must be willing to assist them with the case. You may be full of adrenaline in the aftermath of your car accident, so even if you feel fine, you should never say no when asked if you are injured.

Collect Information

If you’re able to, it’s always recommended to collect as much information from the crash scene as you can. This can include witness statements, photographs, videos, and the at-fault driver’s contact details. If you don’t feel comfortable speaking to the driver, you can obtain their information once law enforcement arrives.

Seek Medical Help

Even if you feel you’ve escaped the crash with no injuries, there is the risk of something more sinister happening behind the naked eye. Internal bleeding can occur and soon turn serious, so you mustn’t wait to seek medical help. Your doctor will check for any internal injuries, as well as give you a treatment plan. Once you make your car accident claim, your medical records can be used as evidence.

Hire an Experienced Lawyer

Having an experienced car accident lawyer or a DUI defense team on your side working on your case will maximize your chances of gaining compensation. You need to find an attorney who you trust and respect, otherwise, you may not get the settlement you’re looking for. When searching for car accident attorneys, make sure to look at their testimonials so you can be confident they’re the right fit for your case. All car accident lawyers will understand the importance of time management, meaning they will prioritize your case and do what they can to win.

If you are certain a DUI driver has hit you, taking the steps above will increase your chances of obtaining compensation, not only for your injuries, but loss of wages, medical bills, and any psychological damage.


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