5 Steps for Hiring the Best Employees for your Company

Hiring can be one of the biggest struggles for many companies. The hiring and recruiting space have become increasingly competitive with work from home being a new consideration for most people looking for jobs. Talent can take their abilities to work for almost any company now without having to consider relocating.

All of these new opportunities can seem like they are drawing talent away to the highest bidder, but that is not always why people are motivated to pick one job over another. People are looking for a good work/life balance as well as great benefits and a chance to advance within the company. The trick to hiring the right people is knowing what these people are looking for and offering it to them.

If you are ready to learn more about the steps for hiring the best employees for your company, you need to read on!

Steps for Hiring the Best Employees for your Company

1.       Edit Job Descriptions

This is a key way that you can make your jobs attractive to new hires. Do not focus as much on pay and job duties as you would have a few years ago. You need to make benefits and advancement options clear to new hires in today’s job market. You should also make sure that your employer branding is displayed within the job description

Job descriptions used to be dry and boring. They told what the job was for and what it paid and that was all. This is not enough these days and you will need to adjust your job descriptions to make sure that the ethics of your company and the opportunities within the job are clear to possible new hires.

2.       Make Sure Onboarding is Easy

Onboarding is one of the places where many companies miss out on great new hires. If it takes more than a week to hire someone, you will likely lose this person to a better opportunity. People are not willing to wait around for months to get hired into a new job and the job market is so competitive these days that you cannot afford to snooze during the onboarding process.

You need to be sure that you clear away obstructions to your hiring process to make sure that there is nothing slowing the process down. If you want to get good people hired to work for you, you need to make the process of joining your organization easy and fast.

3.       Craft a Quality interview Process

Make sure that you are not wasting your time during interviews. There are many old-fashioned and frankly, boring ways to interview people and this alone can make people take other jobs rather than yours. If you are still conducting the same tired and dry interviews, you should not be surprised if you are not getting new and exciting employees hired to work for you.

Make your interview process effective but more social than before. You want to be sure that you are getting a good sense of who these people are and you want to be transparent enough to them that they feel comfortable with you. Dry and awkward interview processes can sometimes make really talented people seem like they are a bad fit for your company. If you want to avoid this issue, you need to refresh your interview process.

4.       Post Jobs In the Right Places

Job boards can be very effective, but only if you use them correctly. Some jobs require specific knowledge and you might get better results from posting these jobs to job boards that are targeted for this specific kind of job skill. You can probably use general job boards as well as LinkedIn for many of your open positions, but jobs that require a really specific set of skills might be better posted on specialized job boards.

You can also use social media to help advertise job postings while also making it clear that your company is fun and exciting to work for. Social media is becoming an increasingly viable way to get new people interested in your open jobs. This is a time where being creative with your job posting efforts can deliver big results.

5.       Make the Job Offer Interesting

While you cannot craft each job and each job offer to specific people that you would love to hire, you can make sure that your job offer feels personal. People want to feel like they will be welcomed onto your team with open arms and you should be sure that the job offer conveys this feeling of welcome.

You should also be sure that you are clear about the benefits and values that you are offering to your new hire. Sometimes hiring staff just assume that potential new hires are aware of all the benefits they are getting with their new job. This might not be the case and your potential new hire will be more likely to say yes to the offer if they are reminded of the various benefits that you are offering them.

Hiring Can be Easy if You Use These Steps to Improve Processes

If you have the right hiring process laid out for your company, you will be much more likely to get talented new people to work for your company each time you have a job opening available. It can be tempting to just process people like they are just another number in the lineup of tasks to do each day, but this can lead to losing potential new hires to other companies. Having a sloppy, or impersonal hiring process for your new hires to navigate can damage your company’s reputation and impact employee retention negatively.

If you have been struggling to hire the right people for your open job postings, you probably need to use these steps to improve your hiring processes. There are many ways to make your hiring process much better than it is now, and you should never consider it too late to make changes that will help you attract top talent as needed.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.