5 Smart Tips To Save Your Monthly Income

Bills are a huge part of your monthly expenses that end up eating a big chunk of your income resulting in a depressing Balance Sheet. While you might consider some expenses inevitable like electricity and water bills, they are in fact manageable with some simple tweaks and cuts that can save a huge lump sum at the end of each month, leaving behind a bigger disposable income that can better be reinvested towards growing your business.  

Some money-saving methods you may use as a business owner are more or less similar to the ones you might resort to at home. Things like converting to LED lights and making sure employees are minding water consumption are logical, straightforward methods to save up, not to mention the positive impacts these changes will have on the environment. 

Here are 5 tips on how to make bigger savings as a business owner.

1. Perform Timely Maintenance

Following a maintenance schedule for appliances around your offices means avoiding repair costs or worse yet, having to replace some of them. Efficient machinery will result in lower bills at the end of each month, giving your finance manager a reason to celebrate! For example, all ACs should be professionally cleaned before the summer season and undergo the needed maintenance. This will guarantee that the cooling system is operating smoothly with lower breakdown risks.

2. Buy in Bulk

Buying office supplies and pantry supplies in bulk will reduce your cost per unit, pushing down your expenditure on these necessary items. Find trustworthy wholesalers for all your office needs and build a good relationship with them to take advantage of special clients’ promotions, and make use of cost cuts wherever possible. 

3. Recycle Paper

Tons of paper is wasted everyday around the offices as people take them for granted because they are “cheap” items. This is absolutely wrong as small expenses will add up at the end of the month, and also the environmental hazards should not be overlooked.

4. Consider Working from Home Options

The days of managing employees by monitoring their every move are long gone. Giving your employees the option to work from home has a multitude of benefits. Choosing their work environment, be it their homes or any outdoor area, will make employees more productive and will drive down employees’ accommodation costs like office space and utilities. 

5. Pay Bills on Time

After all, you can lower your bills, but you cannot just choose to avoid them altogether! Better yet, consider early payments. Some tax agencies and suppliers will give instant discounts for early payments. Also, timely payments mean you will be spared late fees and penalties.

The number one goal for any business is to make money. You either drive up your income or drive down your costs to maximize profits. As long as you have a well-constructed budget, this will make tracking monthly expenses much easier and will help you identify areas where you can afford to make needed cuts. Seeking professional advice from financial experts will also help you immensely and will hopefully prove to be a worthy investment.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.