5 Simple Steps to An Effective Online Reputation Strategy

The advent of the internet has had a two-fold effect on how companies do their business. Though the companies are now getting to use various ways to reach out to the customers they also have to deal with negative reviews coming their way. Any miffed customer can post his views on social media and the impact would be manifold. To avoid that it is always best to have an effective online reputation management strategy and here we tell 5 steps to do so.

The first page of results


The first page of the search results in your category would tell you the situation your brand is in. Your website and social media page should be in the top few results. If you are there it could be because your SEO has not been taken care of. Apart from that you also need to see the number of negative reviews you have mentioned against you. If the number is unusually high you need to know why that is happening and find out ways to fix it. Online reputation management services help in knowing where there is a scope of improvement. PRchitects handles online reputation issues and suggests tactics that are going to bring the situation under control.

Locate negative reviews 


Any negative review is bad news for your brand. That is because they have the potential to influence others and thus put a hold to your success. Search around for such negative reviews and address the matter as soon as you can. If the person has just posted a review on the whim you could convince him to change his opinion and edit the review. In case the review is too negative you could provide the customer with a free service or discount coupon to make up.

Give prominence to positive reviews 


Some negative reviews can be really detrimental to your business. The kind of message given is really going to make the others take notice and ignore your brand. To avoid that try and put the positive reviews on the forefront. Use backlinks to make people go the positive reviews that you have been getting. Guest posting on another relevant site would help you link a positive review and that kind of makes it prominent.

Creating content around keywords


You know the keywords that people would be searching when they want to reach out to your product. The next is to create maximum content using them so that whenever the search is done the brand figures in the first few results. There would be places where inaccurate information about your brand is being furnished around. You may contact the owner of that website to get that fixed up. Also if there is an outdated link with your mention you may get it replaced with a new blog.

Set up alerts


Your brand is always on the go and it is better if you know about it. Set up alerts so that you know whenever there is any online mention of the same. These mentions can be both positive and negative. You may immediately address the negative issues and find out what has caused such a negative opinion. In most cases, an early action would lead you to get the same removed with just a little counteraction.



When you have a brand its online reputation is not something you can ignore. The above strategies would help you figure out the next course of action in this case. You can also hire the services of PRchitects who take care of the online reputation management needs of prominent brands. With their suggestions and strategies, you can eliminate any chances of a negative opinion of your brand spoiling the game for it.

Drew Neisser