5 Reasons Why Your Telemarketing Should Be US-Based

Over the last couple of decades, outsourcing telemarketing overseas became a very popular way for companies to “save costs,” but more recently, US-based telemarketing services have seen a huge resurgence. Why?

Now, telemarketing benefits of cost reductions compared to on-the-ground sales teams are pretty well established in the business world. And outsourcing gives you better efficiency overall.

But what are specifically the advantages of using only a US-based telemarketing service?

To understand why US-based telemarketing just works better, you need to get in the shoes of the person answering the phone. What would you think if you got that telemarketing call?

Take that perspective, and these 5 good reasons to use only US-based will make a lot of sense:

1. Less Fear of a Scam

Cold call telemarketing entails unsolicited outbound calls to perfect strangers. And while it can be quite effective for businesses, it’s not surprising if many on the receiving end immediately fear a scam.

Hearing a foreign accent and/or rough, stilted English is not going to help alleviate the natural fear some prospects will have. It may not be “fair,” but that’s just the way it is: the more out of the ordinary the call is (including a call from a foreigner), the more likely people are to fear the worst.

2. Better Communication

In telemarketing terms, native speakers (and even those from the same state or region) have a distinct advantage when it comes to communication.

They may not necessarily have better “verbal grammar” skills, but they are 100% fluent and able to talk more naturally in American English. You only have a few seconds at the beginning of a marketing call to make a good impression, and fluency in English helps to do that.

Plus, in extreme cases, some prospects may actually have trouble understanding the pronunciation of foreign callers.

3. More Natural Speech

When you use US-based telemarketing talent, you don’t have to rely so heavily on memorized lines and scripts. The call will still have to have some structure, but it will often sound much less “rehearsed” than foreign outsourced telemarketing.

Anyone can memorize exact scripts, but what about an actual conversation with your prospects? What if they ask an unexpected question or need some detailed information that is “off script?”

The more natural sounding the call, the more likely you’re going to leave a positive impression and maybe make a conversion or gain a hot lead.

4. Increase Your Bottom Line

You can get high quality US-based telemarketing for a very competitive price, and when you outsource, you don’t have to take on new employees and pay their benefits and provide equipment and office space for them to work in. That saves money.

But you will also likely boost your sales when you switch to US-based outsourced telemarketing, for all of the reasons already mentioned above. And that’s going to more than make up for any difference in price that might exist between US-based and some foreign-based telemarketing companies.

5. Pure Patriotism

On the one hand, a US-based company that is American founded, owned, and operated and that hires Americans helps our national economy and is a gesture of patriotism that a businessperson can make for their own sake.

But also realize that many people will appreciate if you use US-based telemarketing, just as surely as if you can put a big, bold “Made In America” sticker on your products.

When you’re faced with the choice between US-based and non-US-based telemarketing services, think about these five important factors. It’s really worth it to keep your telemarketing in country – overall, it tends to get better results.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.