5 Reasons Why Having a Business System is Important

Google follows a strict business system that allows it to continuously grow and expand amidst and despite all that has been happening in the world. It has earned $183 billion in revenue and is now a Fortune 500 company. It is still the number one company that people want to work for. All such is possible because it follows a defined business system. If you want the same for your business, you should be looking into creating a business system and deploying it faithfully. It’s not a problem at all if you don’t know how to systemize a business. You can easily create one now. What’s more important is truly knowing the essence of having a business system. It will be impossible to create a fine-tuned business system if you’re not even aware of how important and essential it is. This is where this article is going to help you. 

This article is going to enlist the main reasons why it is important for you to have a business system. We fervently hope that you start coming up with one after reading this. Give your business the growth and expansion that it deserves now. 

What is a business system?

If you have a way with how to do things, you already have a working system. A system is a structure that guides you on how to do things.  All tasks that can be repeated and replicated belong to your business system. A business system is one that provides for the particular set of procedures, principles, and practices that are followed in specific activities to produce a specific result. Every kind of work performance can be part of an effective business system. Having one will secure that every single task gets done in the best possible way to create the best possible result. This is mainly why top businesses excel – they have a foolproof system. 

5 Reasons Why Having a Business System is Important

The following are the main reasons why you should have a business system: 

Reason #1: Your business will not be bothered by changes. 

Most businesses end up failing because they can’t adjust to changes. If there is one thing that your business should be good at, it should be at adapting. Having a business system will allow you to do this. With a secured business system, you will be able to easily point out tasks and steps that no longer work. You can investigate on a microscopic level which part of your business needs improvement. If a single change is all it takes to up your business game, then it will be very easy if you have a working business system. This is because all needed data will be under your full control. 

Reason #2: You will have consistency across all endpoints. 

People prefer consistency. Humans are creatures of habit in the first place. This is why it would give you a massive edge if every single task and product in your business is consistent with a set standard, quality, and timeline. With a business system, you can be sure that every single task is done in the most excellent manner and speed possible. 

Reason #3: You will have an empowered staff. 

You will have a successful business if you have a happy and satisfied staff. This is primarily one of the reasons why Google remains a top company. It ensures that its staff and happy and satisfied. This is possible if you’d have a business system in place. With a business system, your staff will get to choose the tasks that they want that match their knowledge and skills. They will not feel overwhelmed or confused because they will always have clear guidelines to follow. They will be free to automate repetitive tasks. Such automation will allow them to have more time for substantial tasks that need their focus and creativity. 

Reason #4: Onboarding will be painless.

A business system will have you say goodbye to onboarding forever! With it, you wouldn’t need to have any of your staff dedicate extra time to the briefing, orienting, or guiding of a new hire. With a business system, a new hire could simply read a PDF file or watch a video that enlists every single thing that he or she needs to know. With such a fluid solution, your staff will be able to do more relevant tasks and your new hires will be able to get on with their tasks at their own pace and their own time. A solid business system will ensure that your new hire will be able to perform in a manner that is 100% similar to that of your existing staff. 

Reason #5: Business value. 

Your business will be more valuable if you have a solid system in place. This is highly important if you have plans of selling your business in the future. The biggest acquisition so far is when Facebook bought Instagram for $1B. Instagram was able to demand such a price because it already had a solid business system and model that added so much to its value. A company with a lock-tight business system is a company that can always perform excellently. Such is true with Instagram and such will also be true for you if you’d get on building a solid business system now. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.