5 Honors Every Financial Professional Covets

Are you a financial professional? 
Are you ambitious? Would you like to advance your career sooner rather than later.

Of course you are. Of course you do. You’re a financial professional.

A little street cred certainly won’t hurt your dreams of upward mobility. To earn it, do yourself a favor and target these five awards that every wealth manager and financial advisor should (and does) covet.

1. Barron’s Top Advisor Summit (Top 1% Advisor)

Barron’s Top Advisor Summit is one of the industry’s most sought-after invites, drawing the cream of the U.S. wealth management industry’s crop. Because it’s invite-only, it takes the term “see and be seen” to a whole new level; in years past, attendees have included luminaries like San Francisco-based Daniella Rand, known for her market-beating performance and active management strategies.

Like Rand, those who make it onto Barron’s Top 1% list must demonstrate a consistent track record of market-beating performance in up and down markets alike. This is one to work towards, not coast off of. 

2. Financial Times’ Top 401 Retirement Advisors

The Financial Times’ “Top 401” is a compendium of the most resilient and innovative retirement advisors doing business today. It’s a particularly coveted recognition for advisors who specialize in defined contribution plans, an increasingly tricky corner of the wealth management world. 

3. Forbes’ America’s Top 250 Wealth Advisors

Of the many thousands of wealth advisors operating in America today, these are among the very best. Forbes knows what it’s doing, of course, so you can bet that high net worth clients (including those who’ve made Forbes lists of their own) look carefully at these honors.

4. Inc. Best Workplaces (Financial Services)

What’s better than being recognized as a top wealth management professional? Working out of a wealth management shop recognized as one of the industry’s very best workplaces. Like Forbes, Inc has a great deal of credibility to its name, especially when it comes to evaluating small and midsize businesses. Making this list could do wonders for your client list.

5. Financial Advisor Top 200 Registered Investment Advisors

If you’re a sworn fiduciary, this is an award like no other. Clients seeking out wealth managers sworn to act solely in their best interests trust the FA Top 200; wealth managers fortunate enough to land on this list know precisely how much pricing leverage it provides. Whatever effort you need to put in to make this happen will pay off on the back end.

You Deserve It

Life isn’t always fair. Despite your best efforts, you’ve probably been passed over for a promotion or accolade or recognition in the past. Perhaps you resent that oversight to this day.

Unfortunately, that’s just how the cookie crumbles. The workplace is a competitive environment, and bosses are likelier than not to play favorites. As you advance in your career, you must do your best to maintain perspective. Remember: Lack of recognition does nothing to diminish the importance of your achievements. You deserve it, whether it actually comes your way or not.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.