5 Health Benefits of Standing Desks for Offices

One of the first most popular desks were created by a man named John Loughlin, of Ohio. He designed and built elementary school desks that could seat 2-3 children.

It was a front-facing bench, with a desk attached behind it for the children sitting in the next bench. The desk even had a spot for an inkwell. Around the same time that he began selling them, the United States enacted public school laws.

Since then, there has been a multitude of styles, sizes, and materials seen in desk-making. But after sitting for so many years, people are starting to stand at their desks.

It isn’t the healthiest or the most productive to sit at a desk all day long, and thus, the idea of a desk is being reinterpreted.

Does your workplace need a refresh? Do your employees need one as well? Think about installing standing desks!

Keep reading to uncover 7 health benefits of standing desks.

1. Your Employees Will Be Happier

What is a standing desk? It’s exactly what it sounds like – a desk that can be adjusted to a standing height position. The contraption can constitute either the entire desk or be a smaller standing desk that’s built for your work desk or table.

Standing desks, also known as stand-up desks, increase awareness and purpose. Because of the increase in energy that often comes from using a standing desk, employees are more productive and excited.

2. Your Employees Will Be Physically Healthier

The American Medical Association and other organizations, like the CDC, have shown that stand-up desks combat typical health issues that come with sitting all day long.

Standing during the day improves blood circulation and decreases fatigue. It also boosts fat-burning metabolism.

3. They Will Help Fight Against Weight Gain

People gain weight when they’re eating more calories than they burn. Standing throughout the day, or even just for an afternoon will increase your daily calories burned.

4. They May Reduce or Eliminate Back Pain

For people who sit all day long at their jobs, back pain is one of the most common complaints. Studies show that when employees go from sitting to standing, their back and neck pain decreases significantly.

For some people, results were apparent even just two weeks after switching to standing desks.

5. Standing Might Help You Live Longer

Studies are showing that standing more often during the day may extend our lives. Even by just making a move to stand for 3 hours more a day, may extend an individual’s life by 2 years.

It’s possible that increased sitting time could shorten your life. Heart disease and other ailments are more commonly diagnosed for those who spend their days sitting.

The Benefits of Standing Desks Are Endless

Research has shown that the benefits of standing desks are many. And maybe they are all that your office needs to feel like it’s turned a corner.

Your employees will be happier, healthier, and more productive. Your office will feel fresh, and your employees will feel appreciated.

If you’d like to make a change or you think your employees need a boost, stand-up desks may be the perfect way to do so. Go for a walk around your office and imagine how much better things could be, today!

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