5 Emerging Technologies for Entrepreneurs to Consider

If you are an entrepreneur looking for a niche market, your focus should be on emerging technology, of which there is plenty, as these innovative developments offer new industries and sectors that can create new markets. If you can get your foot in the door at the earliest opportunity, you have a great opportunity to ride on the wave, as new tech hits the marketplace.

Here are a few emerging technologies that warrant further investigation if you are looking for something innovative.

  1. Blockchain Development – Blockchain is a relatively new way to store data securely that digital currencies like Bitcoin use, and this system will be used by governments worldwide to safely store citizen data. Blockchain developers are in great demand and if you put together a team, you can bid for projects in all business sectors and if you have some programming experience, so much the better.
  2. Plasma Pen – This is a non-surgical digital device that uses fractional plasma energy to sublimate excess skin cells around the eyes, with the plasma pen creating an arc of plasma energy that heats the excess skin so fast that it evaporates. If you search online, there are already established clinics that offer non-surgical eye lift in Sydney and this treatment is much preferred to surgery, which is invasive and requires a lot of downtime. There will be a great demand for such treatment and if you have the necessary qualifications, you could set up a non-surgical cosmetic treatment clinic and use other new technologies to improve people’s appearance. This is just one example of new technology that creates business opportunities, as we move firmly into the digital age, with the looming 5G rollout eagerly anticipated.
  3. Paintless Dent Removal – Known in the trade as PDR, this can remove dings and small dents on car bodywork and as the name suggests, there’s no painting involved. The device is safely anchored to the bodywork and small dents can be ‘pulled out’, making for a quick and easy repair. If you operated a mobile service and serviced the vehicles at the client’s home, you would be very popular and with minimal training, you will be able to lift most small dents that would otherwise need paintwork.
  4. Drones – While many people are flying drones for recreational purposes, you can expect to see larger drones delivering goods very soon. Amazon are already using drones in some parts of the US, with special vehicles that park at a central location and the roof slides back to release 6 delivery drones that have their destination address programmed and now would be the ideal time to get into the delivery drone sector, which might be distribution or care and maintenance.
  5. Artificial Intelligence – Machine learning is very big right now and if you are an experienced programmer, you could form a team of tech specialists and put your team up for hire. Many large corporations will pay a high price for specialised computer software that greatly streamlines their business processes. Click here for Australian government information on artificial intelligence, which is a recommended read for all entrepreneurs.

These are just a few sectors that offer unlimited potential and the Internet hosts a wealth of information regarding new technology, so you can read up on what is currently emerging and make informed decisions about which path to take.