5 Different Corporate Swag Ideas

In today’s world, everybody likes to receive a gift on a special occasion. But, when you want to show how much you care about your employees, you can think about business or corporate gifts.

So, in this article, we shall cover more about corporate swag ideas for professionals working hard at the workplace. On the other hand, if you are still wondering about the best swag for companies, you can check out some items showcased online.

What kind of gifts can you give in the corporate world?

When setting up your workplace for a special occasion, many swag ideas flash in your mind. But, to make things simpler for you, let’s check out some gifting ideas.

Gift set with Coffee Mugs:

When you know that your employees love drinking coffee all the time, you can gift them a coffee mug. Besides a ceramic mug, you can also pack a bag of coffee powder and a few chocolate cookies. If you want to present the coffee mug differently, you can request your employees to send a photo and then get it printed along the curved surface.

Wine Gift Set:

While you’re still wondering about a gift for a festive season, you can consider offering a wine glass, some chocolates, a bottle of wine, and a bottle opener. To add a personal touch to the wine glass, you can print a few words ‘Wine is best for your mood’. While more than 50% of individuals love red wine, you can buy the bottles in bulk at an affordable and the right price. Moreover, you can think about attractive packaging when you organize gift sets.

Attractive Laptop Sleeve:

With the pandemic, many professionals are still working from home for a few days a week. So, while your employees often use the laptop, you can consider neoprene sleeves as a corporate gift. A step ahead, you can also think about embroidery for a custom design. Besides, you can also give away sleeves with a digital print towards the front end. But, before purchasing the sleeves in bulk, ensure they are ideal for all laptops.

Trendy Bluetooth Speaker:

While many professionals work in the workplace, many love to listen to music, audiobooks, and podcasts. Hence, if some employees work right from their apartment, they will think about turning on a Bluetooth speaker for a better experience. So, as the festive season or special occasion approaches soon, you can think about giving a wireless speaker to your employees.

Leather Bound Journal:

According to a certain health center, many people have reported depression due to the pandemic. Therefore, to vent their feelings inside their hearts, many individuals have thought about writing down their experiences. While some people look for a diary for noting down their thoughts, some will prefer using a tablet or a smartphone. So, before you give a journal, you can pair it with a stylus pen.

What must you consider before giving awesome corporate gifts?

  • If you’re seeking something unique for working professionals, then it should portray the work culture. For instance, if you observe the employees wearing a t-shirt several times during the week, you can buy a set of colorful yet stylish t-shirts.
  • When you’re confused about what gifts you need to purchase, buy something exclusive to the working professionals. But, when you purchase a set of items, it will not imply that you’re sharing more about the culture across the workplace.
  • Apart from sharing work culture, presenting the gift differently also matters. So, as soon as you purchase the items, you must ensure that you wrap them in a nice box. Furthermore, you must also consider the experience the individual will have once he receives the gift. With this in mind, you can insert a handwritten note inside the box.


There are many kinds of gifts you can give on special occasions or for the festive season. Besides coffee mugs, you can think about buying a wine gift set, laptop sleeves, Bluetooth speakers, or journals.

However, if you’re seeking something different for your employees, ensure that you share work culture. Presenting the gift better can also make those moments memorable when individuals receive the gift.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.