4 Unique Tips to Consider for Your New Home Office

We’ve heard all of the popular tips for creating a new home office for you to work from. Things like: making sure the internet is strong, finding a place that is quiet, acquiring a good office chair, and the list goes on. All of those things we’ve heard over and over are important for creating a quality WFH space, but what else should be considered?

We took to HARO to find a few unique, lesser talked about tips for creating a useful and effective home office:

(1) Consider converting your garage.

“Your garage can make a great home office because of the amount of room available to you, the quiet you can escape to and, mostly, the fact that a garage offers a clean slate for you to work from. If you have the ability and space, you can carve out an area to convert into your own workspace. You will have the ability to re-use materials, create the office on a budget, and make yourself a suitable space that can help you be the most effective remote employee possible.

A few things to consider are: buying pods to strengthen your Internet quality, don’t take away from storage of your vehicles and other things, and make sure the air quality and asthetic is healthy for you. You will spend a ton of time in this new home office, so you must consider everything as you plan and create it.”

-This was submitted by Edward Flowers, Managing Director of Hollington Doors Ltd.

(2) Think about lighting.

If you are spending a bunch of time in your new home office, then you’ll want to make sure that the lighting is good enough so you can see well enough to get your work done. You don’t want to be squinting to see the work you’re doing or have the dull lighting lull you into a sleepy feeling.

No, you want to research and invest in bright, healthy lighting options that will bring the most out of your space and encourage you to work as effectively as possible.

(3) What’s the temperature going to be like (at all times).

“Depending on the location of your home and how the sun affects the space you’re working in, you could struggle with some intense temperatures. If your new office receives a ton of sunlight throughout the day, then you could be sweltering as you try to work, especially if you don’t have a proper AC solution. On the contrary, you could be facing harsh cold if your office space receives little sunlight and there isn’t proper heating.

You need to plan accordingly depending on where your new office will be located to ensure there’s proper air flow, you won’t be cold or hot, and to make sure that you can regulate the temperature at different times of the day and year.”

-This was submitted by James Strilcic, Owner of JPS Furnace & Air Conditioning.

(4) Don’t shy away from the minimal look.

“There’s nothing wrong with designing and creating a minimal home office that doesn’t include a ton of items or decor. Sometimes, a simple space with no distractions will help you work smarter and more effectively. If you have a ton of distractions in your home office – like gadgets, toys, decor items, and more – they could get in the way of your work and your focus.

Newer home offices are all about minimalism. There’s hardly anything on the walls, your desk is basically empty, and the only things you can spend your time on is the work in front of you. It’s a method worth considering if you’re creating a new home office for yourself.”

-This was submitted by Joanna Zambas, Career Expert at CareerAddict

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.