4 Tools To Enhance Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful driver for building relationships and converting leads into paying customers. Both product and service-based businesses can capitalize on this medium while incorporating modern innovations to make the process more efficient.

Having the right tools in place can make all the difference when putting together an email marketing campaign. Here are four tools to enhance your email marketing efforts for success.

Email Verification Software

One of the must-have tools to enhance your email marketing campaign is email verification software. There’s still an archaic belief that having a massive email list is the be-all and end-all of digital marketing. While numbers certainly matter, having a smaller, more engaged list is more effective than a substantial list of dead emails.

There are several ways of using email verification that will help your business grow and flourish. First and foremost, eliminating dead weight will help you cut costs. Many email marketing platforms have a tiered pricing approach based on how many email addresses you have stored. Eliminating the useless emails could put you in a lower tier. Additionally, having unengaged users on your list skews your marketing data, making it harder to market to those who might actually purchase your product.

Finally, sending emails repeatedly to dead emails could get your address flagged as spam. It’s best practice to use an email verification service when engaging in modern email marketing.

Subject Line Generator

Creating a captivating subject line is both an art and a science. For many small businesses without a dedicated marketing team, coming up with the perfect subject line is daunting. Fortunately, there’s an AI-driven solution.

Subject line generators use the data you provide to create a compelling subject line that encourages recipients to open your emails. You provide a keyword or topic for some generators, and it creates a line based on those metrics. AI-driven subject line generators like Mizy read the email copy and provide suggestions based on the content.

This tool is ideal for those struggling with their open rate or experiencing one of those days where the right words don’t come to mind.

AI-Driven Personalization Software

Personalization is the bread and butter of modern marketing. Boasting a better ROI, personalization in marketing increases conversions by 202%. While many email marketing platforms will let you use tags to incorporate the recipient’s name and information, the shift toward video marketing has made this difficult.

One of the most innovative marketing solutions in recent years is the development of AI-driven personalization software. Now, you can incorporate video, images, and audio into your email marketing campaigns and ensure everyone receives something personalized for them. 

Tools like Hyperize will pull data from an email address and add personalized overlays to your email content, using text to voice to create an immersive experience. If you create a marketing video holding a sign and balloons, inviting customers to join you in a private membership group, each recipient will see their name on the sign and hear you say their name out loud. It’s the next wave of personalization, and it will take the world by storm.

Automated E-Commerce Flow Integrations

Under the broader umbrella of personalization is creating personal offerings and strategic retargeting opportunities. E-commerce businesses can no longer thrive with a simple email marketing platform; they must also have data-driven automated flow integrations.

Platforms like Klaviyo integrate with your e-commerce business to capture deep data about your subscribers. This data could include what’s in their cart when they bounce or what items they’ve browsed during their lunch break. Marketers can then create a simple automated flow that’s time-triggered to reach out and remind browsers of that sweater they liked or nudge customers that they have a full cart. 

Automated integrations allow you to nourish customer relationships and chase a sale without dedicating human resources to the task.

With these four tools, you can revolutionize how your business communicates with customers. When utilized effectively, enhanced email marketing will make you money while you sleep.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.