4 Things To Consider Before Buying A Sandblasting Cabinet for your Business

Sandblasting is an industrial process that removes rust and other loose material from metal, stone, concrete, ceramics, and other surfaces. The abrasive products are typically fed into a hopper or hoppers that feed the media into the blasting chamber. Most commonly, the media is introduced through a bellmouth with a nozzle that comes in various opening sizes to regulate the pressure of the blast stream.

When buying a sandblasting cabinet, read here to learn about a few important things beforehand.

What is a Sandblasting Cabinet?

A sandblasting cabinet is a box with an open front and one or more nozzles on the top. It has a pressure regulator at the air inlet, which controls compressed air flow. It is used for the same purpose as a sandblasting machine. The cabinet is made of welded metal sheets and is available in a stationary design. The manual model has one nozzle to blast the paint off surfaces, while an automated system can have multiple ones.

Things to consider before buying a sandblasting cabinet

Before you buy a sandblasting cabinet, read here about a few critical aspects you should consider.

Safety Standards

It is a known fact that while using such industrial equipment, caution is required. Safety is the first thing that comes to mind when buying a sandblasting cabinet. 

It is a known fact that caution is essential when using any industrial equipment. However, a blast cabinet provides a safe work environment wherein the process involving the blasting powder is enclosed. The chief potential danger for the machine operator is the toxic dust generated from the blasting process. You should consider investing in a cabinet equipped with a powerful dust collector that can efficiently capture and filter the contaminants, preventing them from infiltrating the breathing environment.

Additionally, a poorly-designed cabinet will generate more than the usual amount of abrasive material on the floor, making it slippery and multiplying the risk of accidental falls. So, always purchase a high-end model to prevent this from occurring.


Poor visibility is among the most typical operator complaints regarding blasting cabinets, which can often lead to unsatisfactory results. So, choose a model fitted with an efficient lighting system that ensures a clear view from the observation window. Some manufacturers design their machines to let the airflow wipe the dust cloud away from the window using a waterfall effect.


The industrial equipment market is constantly evolving, with new models being launched every now and then. However, getting everything you need at a low cost may not always be possible. Therefore, you need to decide what kind of machine will fulfill your needs without spending too much money and choose accordingly.

For instance, if you are low on labor and need to get more work done, opt for an automated variant or turn your manual cabinet into a semi-automated one by adding a tumbling basket, motorized nozzle, and a turntable (optional).


Another thing to consider while buying a sandblasting cabinet is the machine’s durability. The outer case and the imposing design should be such that you can use the device for years without hassle. If the product does not come with a warranty, you might have to pay more for repairs and maintenance as required.


There are thousands of sandblasting cabinets available in the market; however, you need to consider the above vital things carefully before investing in one. Also, buying from a reputable manufacturer is essential as it will prevent you from spending money on a low-quality product that requires unlimited repairs. Finally, expert manufacturers can design custom cabinets to meet your specific requirements.

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