4 Strategies Home Builders Use to Attract More Clients

The construction industry and in particular home building is a tough market to crack. There is a lot of competition and businesses must be on top of their marketing campaigns to attract new clients. If you have ever looked at successful home building companies, you will see they have a lot of things in common. This article looks at the best strategies to use to attract more customers and boost awareness of your brand.

  1. SEO

Everyone uses Google these days and if your company does not have a good ranking, you will lose customers to your competitors. You may think it is impossible to compete with bigger companies and improve your rankings, but you would be surprised at how many construction businesses overlook this strategy.

When you have worked on your search engine ranking, the moment someone looks for ‘Master Builders in Port Douglas’ or ‘home builders Cairns’ your company will come up first. It may not be the biggest company in the area, but it will have precedence over others when you focus on SEO.

  • Informative Testimonials

Most people do not fully trust businesses that only sell their product or service off social media sites. If the company does not have a user-friendly website, they become sceptical. All good home builders have a functioning website that includes good quality content. Customers stories can be a powerful tool in a marketing plan. Anyone who visits a website will be interested in learning about previous clients and their feedback on the service you provided. A business website should include features such as:

  • Images of previous clients & projects
  • Written testimonials
  • Review ratings from other sites

Features such as photos show proof of a company’s building expertise.

  • Email Marketing

Most building firms that did not struggle during the pandemic were the ones that focused on digital marketing while restrictions and lockdowns were in place. A lot of customers browse websites but are not quite ready to build a home or renovation their property. To ensure they stay interested, it is important to focus on email marketing. Successful home builders use clever marketing strategies such as opt-in forms to gather more information about potential clients.

Once they have gotten an email address, they can then start to send email newsletters. A simple email sent to prospective clients once a month can entice people to hire a company for an upcoming project.

  • Use Social Media

Who doesn’t have a social media account these days? Everyone is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more, so why shouldn’t a home builder be? Successful builders understand the importance of social media marketing and many have their accounts managed by digital marketing agencies. It is a critical part of digital marketing and to get ahead in the industry, you cannot overlook its importance.

When done right, digital marketing is effective and highly profitable. Leading home builders know this and that is why the focus on these strategies to boost awareness of their brand and attract more clients. As a builder, your first priority is to build quality homes. Your second priority must be to successfully market the business.