4 Reasons Why SEO Is Important

Search engine optimization (or SEO as it’s also known) is an often underrated but super powerful weapon in the arsenal of content creators, marketers, and corporations alike. But one group that really benefits from SEO is small businesses. If you’re currently in the process of creating a digital marketing strategy for your business, and you’re wondering about how important is SEO then you need to read this guide.

The market for SEO services is expected to reach almost $220 billion by 2030. There are many good reasons for this. Read on to find out more about why SEO is important now.

1. It Drives Traffic to Your Website

Your website is the ultimate online representation of your website. There’s so much you can’t control on social media, but when it comes to your website you can curate it exactly as you want it. Display all your proudest projects, tell your company’s story, post relevant business updates, and most important of all include contact pages and booking forms.

Because your website is such a vital component of your online presence you want to make sure the right people are able to find it. But without implementing at least basic SEO tactics, this might be harder than you think.

2. Your Customers Are Online

When you’re trying to scale and grow your company you need to think about your current customer base and what you can do to grow it. Rest assured that with very few exceptions your customer base is going to be online.

You need to target potential new clients and customers in a strategic way. Creating a tailored SEO strategy is one of the best ways you can do this.

3. You Can Get Ahead of Your Competitors

Even if you don’t feel as though SEO is worth your time, there is still a big reason that it’s important. That’s your competitors. While SEO has been proven to be effective in winning new clients for small businesses and boosting the profile of companies, a staggering 50% of small businesses in America still don’t have a strategy.

Don’t make the same mistake. Start taking your SEO seriously and get ahead of the competition. If creating an SEO strategy sounds daunting, try collaborating with a digital agency such as tilladelsemarketingagency.com.

4. SEO Builds Trust and Credibility

Google’s algorithm has three main criteria on which it bases its decisions on where to rank a website. These are

  • Expertise
  • Authoritativeness
  • Trustworthiness

Essentially Google acts as a sort of vetting system which weeds out the sites that won’t be useful for its users. 

SEO Is Important: Don’t Forget It

There are many reasons SEO is important for your business. Even the above points don’t do justice to how powerful SEO for business growth can be.

You won’t realize the full potential of SEO for small business until you create a strategy of your own. Whether you work with an agency or try it yourself, make sure this is the year you get serious about SEO.

David Balaban