4 Ideas for Helping Employees Studying for the TOEFL Test

Are any of your employees getting ready for the TOEFL Test? TOEFL – Test of English as a Foreign Language – assesses the learner’s ability in listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Whether your company is a big business or a small town shop, you may want to consider providing some help for employees studying for the TOEFL test. Here’s how.

1- Provide Time Off to Study

The TOEFL is a time-consuming test. And, one of the top tips for passing the TOEFL test is preparing a six-month study schedule. This creates a daily plan for how much a person will study for the exam. This might seem excessive, but it helps avoid last-minute cramming sessions. And, especially for people who have busy lives, this planning is important.

Even if your benefits package is already competitive, you may want to offer the benefit of time off for the purpose of studying. This could be in the form of paid or unpaid study breaks on-site. You could even offer a special study area that students can enjoy, a designated “quiet area.” Offering such a unique perk could allow you to attract new talent to your organization.

2- Award TOEFL Scholarships

Besides the time needed to study for the TOEFL, there are fees involved to simply take the test. And, students dish out money to pay for various study materials to learn various test-taking techniques. This can put a major dent in their wallets.

Employers can help by offering scholarships or tuition reimbursement for TOEFL exam fees. Or, you might consider offering a stipend for other costs associated with taking the test. Even though mock TOEFL tests could be something that you, as an employer, cover for your employees needing to take the TOEFL test.

3- Create a Mentorship Program

Are there others in your organization that have aced the TOEFL? This could be encouraging to those who have yet to take the test. Employees who have taken the test may enjoy the chance to mentor someone who is studying. Networking can provide these opportunities. This could be through an Employee Affinity Group or through a special networking session.

4- Establish an Employee Resource Center

If there are lots of employees at your company that need to take the TOEFL, you may want to consider putting together a TOEFL Employee Resource Center. This could include links to study groups in the area, information on TOEFL apps, or even ways to get free copies of practice tests. And, if anyone at your company is willing to be a peer mentor to someone studying for the TOEFL, you could include that information as well.

Employees who haven’t always spoken English may find the TOEFL test to be intimidating. But, you can show your support for these ambitious individuals by offering your support. This is one way you can build morale in the workforce and goodwill in the community. And, you may find that when you offer this help, your workers will not only succeed but that your organization will, too. By offering support to your employees as they prepare for the TOEFL, you are helping them – and your organization – reach greater heights.

Brett Sartorial

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