4 Effective Store Design Tips to Instantly Improve Customer Experience

According to experts, 66% of companies compete on a customer experience basis. Believe it or not, store design can separate your business from your competitors by taking your customer experience game to the next level. Are you prioritizing your storefront as you should?

If you haven’t focused on your storefront design, you should consider making changes to your locations. Don’t know where to start?

We’ve got you covered. Here are the best storefront design ideas you should consider to improve your customer experience.

1. Tell Your Story Through Your Store Design

Any successful store is as good as its story. Are you using your retail space to get your message out? It can be as easy as setting up banners with your brand logo or motto.

Choosing a theme can be a starting point to tell your story. Let’s say you own a clothing store catering consumers looking for western trendy wear.

A good idea is choosing a western theme for your storefront. Don’t go for the typical western look. You should focus on using ideas such as rustic wood panels and beams to create a look that fits your brand and customer base.

2. Use Music to Create a Zen-Like Ambience

It’s no secret that customers who are in a good mood tend to buy more. Believe it or not, playing the right kind of music in your store can help you boost your sales.

Consider placing Bluetooth speakers throughout your store to play music instead of playing the radio. Playing soothing music will relax your customers and improve their experience.

3. Make Your Store Energy Efficient with Walls or Windows

Turning your store green will help you lower your utilities. Going green will also make your business more attractive to consumers. You can make these changes inside or outside your location.

Consider kinetic facades to bring that wow factor to your store and deflect the solar heat. Replacing your windows can also help you bring nature indoors and create a relaxed atmosphere.

4. Build a Power Wall

A power wall is a wall where you display your best selling and new items. You should consider placing this wall immediately when customers come in. Remember it’s their chance to first encounter your products.

Some retailers choose to place their power wall in the back to make customers walkthrough their store. You should display advertisements on this wall promoting your brand and the displayed items.

The Bottom Line

You may be focusing on boosting your sales by improving your customer service or changing your inventory. However, your store design can take your customer experience game to the next level. Before making any changes, you should tour your store with a customer mindset.

What catches your attention when you come in? Can you easily find your best selling items? These questions can help you find any flaws in your design.

You should consider everything from painting your walls to moving your displays around. Remember your customers should feel welcomed and enjoy their visit. While you can do it on your own, you may consider hiring an expert to figure out the best storefront design for your locations.

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Ted Jones