3 Ways Construction Technology Enhances Job Safety & Efficiency

Utilization of construction equipment such as traffic cones, hi-viz vests, and safety site equipment is imperative to keeping a job site safe. However, in the construction industry, the utilization of proper technologies can significantly help enhance worksite safety. 

Today, there are more and more technologies which are being introduced, doing just that. So, what are some of the ways in which technology is making it safer to work on a construction job site?


Utilization of worksite automation tools and equipment can significantly help improve overall site safety on construction jobs. Artificial intelligence, robots, use of drones, overhead hardware, and up-to-the-minute software, let everyone on the job site know what’s going on, and where. 

With automated tools, construction personnel can handle more complex tasks and specialized projects. This frees up their hands and time, so they aren’t making mistakes on smaller tasks that can be automated.

Rote and straightforward tasks can be completed by automated bots or equipment. What this does is, helps free up time, hands, and helps personnel on the job site, focus on more complex tasks. So, they can improve their overall efficiency and can pay closer attention to those tasks that require more attention to complete. 

When construction site teams are more in-tune and aligned with what they’re doing, there are fewer accidents, and jobs are completed in a timely fashion.

Personal Protection Equipment

Goggles, suits with built-in sensors, motors to assist (and help reduce fatigue) are a few of the many new technologies which are delivered onto job sites today. 

With these in place, not only is it more comfortable for construction crews and personnel to minimize their exposure to dangerous worksite areas but also allows them to quickly complete tasks, which were previously more difficult for them to achieve.

Technologies in these areas help to:

  1. Make construction personnel more efficient in their jobs
  2. Allow them to quickly complete tasks which were difficult or required additional strain/stress on the body
  3. Protect body parts (eyes, hands, back, etc.) to prevent injuries on the job site
  4. Allows personnel to pay more attention to the things they’re doing

When crews can efficiently work together, without having to worry about injuries or worry about getting things done in a time-restricted manner, they are going to operate more safely on the job site. 

This will not only help minimize the number of accidents and injuries but can also help to ensure tasks are completed efficiently, which will save construction crews and companies money over time as well.

Training Equipment/Technologies

VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) is equipment that’s been in use in the military and other fields for years. It is an excellent way for teams to visualize what’s happening, and how they can react, without actually being in the line of duty.

In more and more construction companies, these are also tools that are being deployed to help train their personnel who are going to be working on different job sites for the company.

With this equipment and training, construction personnel get a

  • Hands-on experience (without actually being there)
  • Learn how to react quickly or change direction if necessary
  • Figure out what they can do to prevent injuries and accidents
  • Find alternative ways to complete tasks, so they are more efficient and to prevent injuries on site
  • Work well with teams and crews who are on the job site with them, to ensure operational flow on the job site

Especially in construction jobs where there are several moving parts and a large contingency of people working together, it’s essential to utilize the right tools to ensure crews can work together well and safely. 

With virtual reality, they can practice, make mistakes, and not really affect the outcome of the job, since it is training they are undergoing using these tools.

There are several ways in which construction companies are using technology to enhance site safety and improve efficiency and workflow. These are a few of the many ways in which construction crews and companies can rely on technology today, to assist them in better-completing tasks, and in reducing the number of accidents which are taking place within the jobs, they are performing for their clients routinely.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.