3 Tips For More Successful Instagram Ads

For many businesses, Instagram is a great platform to use in order to advertise for their organization. However, in order to do this successfully, you’ve got to understand how Instagram works with its users as well as how you can best connect with these users.

To help you accomplish this, here are three tips for more successful Instagram ads. 

Focus Primarily On Your Image

Instagram focuses almost all of its attention on images. While captions are included with the images, these captions will really only be read if someone stops long enough on your image to see what you’ve written. Because of this, you should primarily be focused on your image when advertising on this platform.

According to Emily Goldfarb, a contributor to Business2Community.com, you’re going to want to use the highest quality images you have for your Instagram ads. If your image is grainy or blurry, this can reflect very poorly on your company. Additionally, the more interesting the images are, the more likely it will be that your followers will stop and look at what you’ve posted rather than just scrolling past. So before you choose the image to include with your ad, make sure it’s an image that will grab attention for all the right reasons. 

Know Why And When To Use Stories

Along with images that you post on your feed or that are viewed on someone else’s feed, you can also use your stories to post ads as well. However, you want to be sure that you understand why and when you’d post to your stories before you do so.

Neil Patel, an online marketing guru, shares that posting to your stories is a great way to ensure that your ad or other content is going to be one of the first things your followers will see, since stories are posted at the very top of Instagram feeds. When thinking about what to post to your stories, you may want to post ads that you wouldn’t want to include on your actual feed, either because they’re a little lower in quality or because what you’re advertising isn’t going to last long enough to justify an ad on the feed. 

Try Not To Look Like An Ad

When posting an ad on Instagram, the best advice you can be given, according to Lisa Smith, a contributor to WordStream.com, is to make any ad you post on Instagram to not look like an ad. The more organic you’re able to make your ads appear, the better received it will be. 

If you’ve been having a hard time making your ads successful on Instagram, consider using the tips mentioned above to find some improvement in this area. 

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