3 Ridiculously Effective Branding Strategies

Why don’t I have new traffic? I have a great product here so why doesn’t anyone want it? How do I reach people who need my service?

If you’re a small business, you’ve likely asked yourself these questions. You have a great product or service, but have trouble finding your target audience.

Chances are, you need a new branding strategy. Maybe you need new brand positioning, brand awareness, or a digital brand strategy. Not sure what it all means?

Keep reading to find the best branding strategies for your company.

1. Visual Marketing 101

What does your logo look like? Does it accurately represent your business or service? If your logo isn’t eye-catching, it could be holding you back.

Maybe your logo looks great but doesn’t tell anything about your business. 

Your logo should clearly state who you are and what you do. It should also be everywhere you are.

Your logo company logo needs to be on your website, watermarks, images, and products. Every email or message your company sends should contain your logo.

Create stories on your social media accounts by using interesting photos or tutorial videos. Using visual brand building strategies will draw interest to your accounts and your business.

Things like fun memes, colorful pictures, and inspirational quotes are always a great idea for social media attention. Place your logo somewhere for good brand positioning. This will increase brand awareness as well.

2. Just the Facts

Consumers of 2021 won’t take your word for it. They want to know the facts about your product or service. They will scour the internet for a reason to dislike your product.  

Placing reviews and resources front and center creates transparency. This conveys confidence in your company. It tells your audience you’re proud of what you’re selling because it’s good, and others agree. 

Consumers aren’t looking for a lot of flash and frills. Explain exactly what you are selling and why the world needs it. 

3. SEO Isn’t Your Everything

It seems like everyone’s talking about SEO these days. However, stuffing your content with keywords won’t create interest for your audience. It may not give your site more clicks, either.

Google’s algorithm is currently ranking sites based on time spent. The longer people spend looking at your site, the higher you’ll rank. 

Focus on creating content that connects with people. What will your target audience find interesting and entertaining?

Helpful Resources

If you aren’t sure where to start with your brand building strategies, consider hiring help. Give some professional service websites a visit

Services like Avitus group and Creative Guerilla Marketing specialize in helping businesses develop creative branding strategies.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go for It

Finding branding strategies that work for your company will involve some trial and error. Be patient with yourself. Let your business personality shine through your branding strategies.

If you have confidence in your product or service, it will show in your branding strategies.  

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.