3 Questions Your Company Should Ask Your Enterprise Mobility Solutions Provider

Choosing a mobility solution provider is a major step for any business. In most cases, you are committing your entire company’s device purchasing budget to just one company.

However, there are also a lot of benefits to doing this, such as better prices and simplicity in ordering when compared to splitting purchases between numerous providers.

There is also the advantage of customized system setups. As most Enterprise level sellers will either have custom operating systems or management platforms to make sure all devices are set up securely and with the apps and configurations that your staff will require.

With using a single provider, you should eventually establish a smooth working relationship, allowing for ongoing improvements, upgrades, security, management and them providing additional options that you may not even have thought about.

This is all good, but it only happens when you choose the right provider. To do this, you first need to ask the right questions and consider the provided answers carefully.

Our Top 3 Questions to Ask Enterprise Solutions Providers Before Signing Up

Interviewing providers can be a tricky process, so here we cover a few key points that you should consider before signing up.

  1. How can you save us time and money? Not only should they be able to clearly show how they can help you save your company’s valuable time and money, they should also be able to prove it. Ask them if they have any case studies, or can clearly demonstrate the savings in another way. Also ask them to list the features and services that they provide and how they can benefit your business.
  1. Who are your partners and how will our data be shared and secured? Most Enterprize level mobility solution providers will work with other specialists in the field, such as experts in mobile phone systems, or tablet manufacturers. They shouldn’t be shy or witholding about who they work with and how your data will be used.
  1. How will you support our setup process? While purely remote support programs aren’t necessarily bad, it is good to know if someone will visit your company to assist you with the implementation and transition to their mobile solutions, or if the support is going to be via email, chat, or phone etc. It is also good to know if you will have a dedicated manager, 24/7 support, and can easily access the answers that you need, when you need them. Get them to clearly clarify exactly how they will help you

If you are still not fully convinced that you need a mobility solution provider to set things up for you, consider some of these issues:

Is your data secure? Consider how your staff are likely using their tablets, phones, or laptops. If they take them home, is the data encrypted? If the device was lost, it could cost your company a lot more than the device alone.

Do your staff update and scan their devices? Online vulnerabilities and attacks are always happening. Consider if your current staff can manage the mobile devices you have effectively.

How are devices used? If staff take them home, or use them in the office, it is possible that the company is completely unaware of the programs being installed, the files being downloaded, or the type of websites being visited.

When you consider these points alone (and there are many more arguments in favor), it quickly becomes clear how important mobile device management is to any company that takes their reputation and data seriously.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.