3 Most Absurd & Biggest Houses in the world

While there are many benefits that people seek out when they’re running their own SMBs, like the ability to make your own hours and not having a boss, other people may have different reasons why they’re running their own businesses.

For some people, the desire to live a lavish lifestyle and the potential to obtain the riches that you may not be quite as likely to be able to attain if you’re employed by someone else, may just be what they’re really excited about. 

While not all entrepreneurs may end up in a situation where they can build a mansion, along with all the various features that these homes offer, there is simply no denying that most of the ultra rich have gotten there because they themselves either started a company that later ended up being extremely successful, or they joined a company very early on that went on to define how we all use social media and communicate with each other.

While there are many different challenges that business owners need to deal with, here are some of the biggest houses in the world, built by people that were extremely successful in their respective trades. On the list of houses are also ones built by film producers and other very influential people, but if you weren’t born into power like, say King Leopold II of Belgium, and had ready access to the many advantages that this allows you, you might just want to get started on that business idea that you have secretly been working on, to see if it has any potential.

Soon you may just end up finding yourself thinking more about how to better market your business, rather than that DIY project you know you likely aren’t going to finish anyway.

Starting out in South Mumbai

While the country of India has a lot of interesting food and different culture it also offers some really impressive residential real estate by various business tycoons, including a residential home that has a grand total of 27 floors, while requiring 600 staff to maintain the residence and the needs of the residents. This isn’t your standard 1,800 square foot home, but rather a home that boasts  a price tag over $1 billion.

Standing at more than 550 feet with ceilings that most people can only dream off, this Australian-built house belongs to Mukesh Ambani, who at the time of this writing, has a net worth in excess of $77 billion, making him India’s richest man. While there aren’t a lot of people that can claim they helped build a unicorn company, even fewer people have the riches required to spend $1 billion on a residential home. 

The modern Versailles in Florida has a master bedroom bigger than most American homes

If you are anything like the average American family, the idea of having an 8,000 sq ft home may seem entirely unrealistic to you, and that, and that is because the average American home is about 2,300 sq feet according to sites like Statista. Now imagine that rather than having an 8,000 sq ft home, this is in fact just your master bedroom, and that your entire house has 30 bathrooms, 15 bedrooms and no less than 6 different swimming pools. In this house, you would have an entire swimming pool for each day of the week, assuming you took Sundays off.

This next home boasts an impressive 90,000 square feet built by no one other than the CEO of Westgate Resorts, David Siegel. He may barely be a member of the triple comma club, but the guy surely knows how to build an impressive place to live in. 

And while it may one day turn into a fantastic place to live in, the reality is that the home is still an in-progress project, that the couple has currently spent more than $50 million on.

After losing his daughter to an overdose in 2015, the couple has become more focused on saving young people from illegal substance abuse than getting the massive mansion ready, which could easily stand to compete against the likings of the actual Versailles.

The One

“Humbly” named, The One, is the next and final brilliant piece of real estate that we will be taking a look at in this article. While it takes a lot of self-sacrifice in order to truly become the best and dominate the space you are in, you may end up being able to build your dream home if you practice delayed gratification for long enough, while focusing on building an empire. 

This beautiful piece of real estate is built by Nile Niami, who has been named the Megamansion King for his influence in building some of the biggest and most impressive homes for the influential class. With this 74,000 square foot beauty in Bel Air, Nile shows you how he’s a force at the top of his game.

This one of a kind piece of property also came with a one of a kind price tag, that most people could not afford to pay – $500 million. While it may not have the six swimming pools that we talked about previously, it does have 4, including its very own theater and a 5,000 square foot master bedroom. If you are an avid car collector, this may also just be what you have been looking for providing you with the ability to have no less than 30 cars parked there. 

Having friends over? No problem! The One features 20 bedrooms and 30 bathrooms, making it the perfect California home for the buyer who not only has very, very deep pockets, but also a desire to entertain a lot of guests.

Did you ever think you needed your very own night club in your home? How about one that is 3 times the size of your average American home perhaps? Well, The One has an 8,500 square foot night club that means you may not even want to leave your home for a night out in town, especially when you have the convenience of simply being able to walk straight up to your bedroom as soon as you are done enjoying the night. Besides that, with changing Holywood building codes, these mega mansion may not continue to be built in the future, as the rules are changing, limiting the size of homes that are built. With its one of a kind views, this could also stand to be a one of a kind home in terms of size, not allowing other homes of this size. 

These homes truly show that if you really do aspire, the sky is the limit. It may just be that the SMB you have been working on takes off, and you’ll be the next owner of one of these mansions.

Annika Bansal

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