3 Best Practice Examples of Loyalty Programs on Magento

Magento is an e-commerce platform that provides online businesses with a shopping system. Magento offers businesses a flexible approach to the appearance and functionality of their online store. Your business’ store will look and feel like the rest of your company, only with the added benefit of an efficient online system. Shoppers can browse your products, choose the one they want and buy it quickly and easily. 

From the developer side, Magento is an incredibly robust system that can handle the complexity of online stores. Businesses need an expert to customise their online store and ensure customers are receiving the best possible experience.

Loyalty programs are an essential part of online shopping. In fact, during the pandemic, shoppers planned to increase their online purchases by a whopping 160%. Loyalty programmes can encourage customers to keep investing in your store, brand and products. With high street shops closing left, right and, centre, the focus is now on businesses with online sores.

Loyalty programs should make the customer feel valued and appreciated. With a small monthly membership fee, customers could access a huge range of benefits. Utilise your business’ social media platform to advertise your loyalty programme and encourage customers to sign up.

Industry giants like Nike, Ford, Olympus and Samsung, use Magento for their e-commerce system. Each brand uniquely uses Magento to elevate its business above the competition. 

There are various extensions available from Magento, and you can use them to implement a loyalty program to your online store. 

Reward Points

Reward points are a brilliant way to start a loyalty program with your customers. Many high street clothing brands use a reward point system whereby customers can earn a certain number of points to earn money off their future purchases. Magento offers statistics and balance editing from the back end of the site and can form an explainer page, restricted categories description and in-store reminders for customers.

Open loyalty

Open loyalty on Magneto can be set up on different loyalty categories and levels. You can feature a flexible reward redeeming management and allow customers to use their discount codes both off and online.

Loyalty Program Extension

Magneto can also design custom sale rules for our online store so that you can decide what the loyalty scheme looks like. You could even look into designing multiple loyalty programmes with varying levels and structures, e.g. Platinum loyalty, bronze and silver. Each loyalty programme can be aimed at different customer groups and have other products available for discount.

When you are running a business, it’s important to delegate tasks to the experts sometimes. Use Magneto to make your online store a well-oiled machine with multiple impressive benefit schemes.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.