10 ways to market your wedding photography business

Are you thinking about how to market your wedding photography business and gain more attention? I have some fantastic options that you should explore. 

I think these will help you stand out in what can be a competitive landscape. 

Social Media

For a Sydney wedding photographer, social media is always going to be key. With social media, you can make sure that you are connecting with your target audience. You will be able to reach them and engage. 

Social media provides a unique opportunity to market your brand. Instagram is great for wedding photography because it’s highly visual. I think if you Instagram with great shots, you are always going to get attention. 

You should use tricks like hashtags for maximum results here. 



Reviews are another great way to market your business. Reviews mean that clients don’t need to trust your word. Instead, they can turn to customers. 

Over 80% of customers looking for products and services online will explore reviews first. This should give a clear idea of how important they are. I think with the right reviews, you are going to see huge boosts in business. 

To get reviews, make sure that you are encouraging previous clients. Ask politely for a review in a followup email. I always say, if you don’t ask, you don’t get. 

You’ll be surprised how many respond to this request. 

Youtube Videos

Youtube videos are another great option. With Youtube, you have another highly visual way to market your business. So, this is always going to be great for photography. 

When you are creating a Youtube video, make it personal. I think you should treat it as a backstage pass into your business. 

Do this and you are going to give your potential clients something that they can’t resist. They’ll also feel connected to your company. 

With Youtube videos, you also get the option of leaving the comments open. This is another great way to engage. 

Landing Pages

Have you heard of landing pages before? Landing pages are great because they can be built to target a specific audience. I know that documentary style wedding photography is popular these days. 

With a landing page, you can target an audience looking for that specifically. Better yet, you can create it to reflect a target area or location. 

This is useful because a wedding photographer can be seen as a local service business. Customers aren’t going to travel far and wide to reach you. Keep this in mind and you can avoid overspending on expensive national marketing.


You should have a business website. But I also think you need to get to work blogging. Blogging provides a way to expand on marketing points and provide real value. 

Real value is important because it’s going to help you climb up the SERPs. If you don’t do this, it can be tricky to get the attention you want. 

When building a blog, think about your tone of voice. You also need to build content around topics that are going to appeal to your target audience. 


Everyone likes something for nothing. Promotions can be a great way to drum up business. You’ll find that you are able to immediately gain interest from clients. 

Give them the chance to sample your services. If you do this, you are going to see tremendous results. 

Business Cards

While you need to maintain a friendly attitude with clients, it’s important to look like a success. When you approach clients and offer your services, the best way to do this is with a business card. 

Spend a little time finding the right business card design that matches your brand. 

Connect With Other Vendors

Another great choice is to connect with other businesses. This is going to make sense if you also looking for affordable wedding venues in Sydney. Or rather if your clients are searching for a business like that. 

The venue can then recommend your company as a great option for wedding shoots. So, you pair up and reap the benefits of doing so. 

Guest Post 

Another way to pair up is online. By utilising guest posts, you can make sure that someone that visits a wedding blog is going to find your business. 

This is useful if you are trying to build up trust. By appearing on high authority domain blogs you will show clients that you are reputable.


Finally, consider PPC marketing. This is great as it ensures that your ad will appear in the sponsored results.

30% of users online click these first before even exploring organic results. 
*Images in this post are courtesy of perfectmoment.net.au

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.