10 Tips for starting a paper writing business

Today’s worldwide working field is quite competitive and with the rise of freelancers, it’s almost completely globalized. Those circumstances have pushed students to get into the working population even while studying, and many have found in the paper writing business a good allied. But a business is a complex system and students looking to become entrepreneurs need some guidelines on starting a business.

1. Do a throughout research

The first step you take must be related to research on the working field you are considering. Start by digging into the writing business; it is a good idea to do the process as if you were hiring a service to do a paper for you. Internet is the best place to look, for example you can check Paperell.com, a site that offers paper writing services for any student, and see with detail their offering. Also, find out how big is the demand in your language and location, and determine through a small survey the most needed written assignments. Your own college will be perfect for collecting this information.

2. Define your business project

Once you know your market, you can advance to organize the project, a very important part of building an effective business. Here are 2 helpful tips, especially for students starting a business: be organized with your project, and always stick to it. Make your business plan taking note of costs -pricing, revenue, writers’ fees-, your strengths -time availability, proofreading skills-, and your expectations -how many clients do you need to start? How long until you build your credibility?

3. Don’t go to the deep without a floater

It’s a good thing to believe in your project, but it is dangerous to put too much trust in a starting business. So, one of the best tips for starting a business is to build it while you have other employment. Don’t quit a job -and a fixed salary- if your enterprise isn’t paying your school bills yet.

4. A writing business needs great writers

Of course, a paper writing business is nothing without someone to write those papers. You need to put together a team of good writers before you get the first orders: look in freelancing sites (like Upwork or Freelancer) and contact candidates, interview them and make a selection of the best, which are the ones you want for your business.

5. Look for your first clients

When you are starting a business, the clients are an absolute necessity, even before you launch your project. But, how to find buyers for your paper writing business? Begin by spreading the voice trough the people you know: family, friends, school mates. Offer your writing service as an upcoming business with a great team of writers, and you could even give “first customers discount” to make the offer more attractive. Between 3 and 6 clients is a great number to start. 

6. Get legal

Taxes, certifications, business registration… You can get in trouble and even lose your business because of “paper problems”. So, to work in a safe field, you must fulfill any legal process you need to have a well-founded business. Bureaucracy is different in each city or town, but usually these processes include at least a business registration and taxes declaration.

7. Advertising Campaign

Another great set of business writing tips you should take into account are regarding methods to build a good campaign and put your business out there. Because once you have a legal foundation, a team of writers, and your first costumers, you can start to create an advertising campaign to promote your services.

  • Since you are conducting an online-based business, you should use digital marketing to spread your campaign on the internet.
  • Be creative with the approach.
  • Highlight your strengths and promote yourself as a student and an entrepreneur.
  • Project professionalism: talk about your team of professional writers, your well-founded plan, and your status as a legal business.
  • Propel the potential clients’ interactions, maybe by adding a “call-to-action” in your advertising.
  • For the long road, consider buying a domain for your business’s website.

8. Networking through Social Media

In the age of internet and technology to have an effective business, you need to create a network using social media as a platform. Build a network of contacts using sites like LinkedIn, do advertising on Facebook, and create accounts for your writing business on Instagram and Twitter. Having your enterprise on the internet is like having a billboard in the most used highway in the world, and you can have it for free. You need to be out there in social media, in order to be known.

9. Build your business credibility

When it comes to business, good, strong credibility can be your future, and a bad one can bring you down. So, you need to build a work ethic that respects everybody’s rights and follows moral conduct. Be respectful with your writers and clients, create politically correct advertising, keep your business 100% legal, and be always the figuration of professionalism; those bricks in the path to great business credibility.

10. Keep your business growing

An unspoken rule in business is that once you started your business if it stops growing you are at high risk. It’s not enough successfully launching your writing business with the first clients, you also have to keep the workflow moving in order get more clients and increase work offer for your company. There are going to be rough patches, ups and downs that any business faces. But if you take a constructive attitude, stick to your business project and don’t give up, you will be able to continue running a successful business.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.