10 Strategies to Improve Your Company’s Name Recognition Online

It’s not quite true that all marketing is digital, these days. But there’s no longer any denying that the marketing center of gravity for companies with young, tech-savvy user bases is very online. 

What does that mean for your organization? For starters, that you can’t delay taking concerted steps to boost your company’s name recognition online. If you follow them faithfully and keep close watch on metrics that may help you determine what’s working and what’s not, these 10 strategies can help you do just that.

1. Complete and Keep Your Company’s Social Media Profiles Up to Date

Start by completing profiles on high-visibility social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, if you haven’t already done so. Simply providing accurate contact information and linking out to your corporate website can dramatically boost leads. Plus, your organization will appear more put-together.

2. Place Profiles on High-Authority Websites

Don’t stop at the top social media platforms. Look for opportunities to create profiles on high-authority websites like Crunchbase and Inc. This Inc profile for InsureOne, a leading insurance broker, is a great example. If you lack a robust website, these properties are likely to rank higher in exact-match search results for your company than its own website.

3. Repurpose Content That Your Audience Is Likely to Find Useful

We’ll get to why it’s important to create original content in a moment, but don’t sleep on repurposed content either. Sharing high-quality articles or videos that your audience is likely to find useful may boost your organization’s credibility as a content-curating authority — a boon for its reputation.

4. Create at Least One Signature Piece of Original Content Each Month

You’ll enhance your credibility even further with regular original content deployments. Set a goal to create at least one high-value piece of content, such as a white paper or deep-dive interview, per month. 

5. Deploy Content Marketing Through Multiple Channels

It’s no longer enough to post to your company blog. Sad to say, most of your prospects don’t know it exists.

You have the power to change this, but it’ll take time and effort. Your first order of business is deploying content marketing through multiple high-visibility channels that link back to your company’s own properties: Medium, LinkedIn, guest posts on high-authority platforms like Inc, and more.

6. Invest in Video, Even If You’re No Whiz With the Camera

In the mid-2010s, publishers rushed to “pivot to video.” The catalyst? Irresistible Facebook metrics that (supposedly) proved that a) web users hankered for more video content, and b) video content was far more effective at generating engagement and conversions.

Those Facebook metrics turned out to be wildly misleading, according to a subsequent lawsuit. But the “pivot to video” nevertheless exposed a kernel of truth about the modern Internet: It’s fundamentally a visual-first medium. If you’re not creating original video and deploying it through high-authority channels like YouTube and Facebook, you’re leaving leads on the table.

7. Cultivate Genuine User Reviews

Positive user reviews are the lifeblood of any word of mouth marketing campaign, so pull out all the stops to cultivate them. If you sell physical products, include handwritten notes (or customized typed notes) politely asking buyers to leave thoughtful reviews. If you’re a service provider, include these entreaties with your receipts or invoices.

8. List Your Products on Amazon and Other High-Visibility Retail Sites, If Appropriate

Don’t rely on your own ecommerce portal to drive sales. If it’s appropriate to do so, list your products on Amazon, eBay, and other high-visibility retail sites. Yes, you’ll sacrifice margins on these platforms, but the upside makes it all worthwhile.

9. Establish Affiliate Marketing Partnerships With Popular Publishers

Reach out to high-authority publishers whose topic domains align with your own to establish mutually beneficial affiliate marketing partnerships. Again, you’ll sacrifice some margin here, but you’ll put your products in front of a whole lot more prospects.

10. Sponsor Valuable Content

Think you can’t afford sponsored content? Think again. A single thoughtfully crafted article or multimedia presentation tackling an area of core concern for your customers could turbocharge your marketing campaign and imbue your organization with levels of credibility you never thought possible. As with affiliate arrangements, you’ll want to look for closely aligned publishing platforms.

Raise Your Marketing Game Today

It’s true: Some of these visibility-boosting measures carry significant costs. But each has utility borne out by the shared experience of thousands of growing companies that have successfully boosted their online visibility, expanding their prospect pools and increasing engagement with company assets.

If they can do it, so can your company. What are you waiting for?

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.