10 Must Have Items in Your Emergency Car Kit

Whether it’s winter driving conditions or a road trip, having an emergency kit in your car can be the difference between life and death in some cases. In less extreme circumstances, it can help you wait things out until help arrives. Here are ten items you don’t want to go without. 

1. A Phone Charger

Everyone relies on their phones today, and being stranded is no exception. Make sure to bring a charger along so you can call for help anytime you might need to. This also allows you to communicate what’s happening with your loved ones and call a lawyer, like the ones at Easton Law Offices, if you need to do so. 

2. Flashlight with Batteries

Your phone’s flashlight isn’t always enough when the sun sets. In order to see at night, it’s an excellent idea to pack a flashlight. You might need it t change a tire, inspect damage, or find the nearest intersection to call for help. Don’t forget to bring extra batteries, too. 

3. Jumper Cables

There’s nothing worse than being stranded with a dead battery. Packing a pair of jumper cables in your emergency kit ensures that when help arrives, you’re prepared. If you don’t think this scenario will happen to you, keep in mind that AA reports a dead battery as one of the main reasons for roadside rescues. 

4. Basic Toolkit

This includes a screwdriver, pliers, and adjustable wrench. Having duct tape and plastic zip ties is also advisable. These tools allow you tweak minor issues on your car as well as get into the compartments in your trunk for additional tools (like your car jack or spare tire). 

5. Tarp, Raincoat, and Gloves

You never know what the weather will be like. When it’s raining, these three items come in handy. They’ll keep you dry and warm until help arrives. 

6. Rags or Paper Towels

If you are handy with a vehicle, then you’re going to want rags or paper towels to help you mop up the resulting mess. A rag also protects your hands if you’re checking fluid levels and the engine is still hot. 

7. Warning Devices

Roadside flares, reflective triangles, or LED beacons are a necessity. Other cars may not be able to see you at night, especially if your battery is dead. First responders and personal injury attorneys recommend using these to avoid any unnecessary accidents. 

8. First-Aid Kit

In the event of an injury, you and your passengers need a first-aid kit. Make sure you keep it stocked, too. These kits give you everything you need to stop bleeding, prevent infection, and suture wounds until first responders can arrive. 

9. Snacks and Food

Find some non-perishables and pack them. If you’re stuck for an extended period of time, hunger is going to set in. You want to make sure the foods you choose offer plenty of protein for high energy. So, Cliff Bars or peanuts will do the trick. 

10. Drinking Water

Bottled water is your best friend when stranded. You’ll dehydrate before you starve, so make sure to pack as much as you can in your emergency kit. This is especially useful if you live in a hotter climate, like the desert. 

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