10 Fastest Growing Small Business Sectors of 2013

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I am sure that you have probably heard me say this before, as a small business owner, it is imperative to keep up with the latest trends and changes.  If you’re thinking about starting a business this year, I have compiled a list of the Top 10 Fastest Growing Small Business Sectors for 2013 that are doing very well in terms of sales and growth.

This information was taken from an article published by the Washington post.  I have also added 3 Businesses that you can start from these sectors.

What are the 10 Fastest Growing Business Sectors for Small Business?

Well here they are… (in no particular order I might add)

1.   Oilseed and Grain Farming

Business Ideas:  Rice Farming, Wheat Farming and Production, Soybean Production

2.  Architectural and Structural Metals

Business ideas:  Metal Fencing Company, AC Grill Production, Balcony Rail Production

3.  Cattle Ranching and Farming

Business Ideas: Organic Farming, Cattle Farming, Dairy Farms

4.  Employment Services

Business Ideas: Temporary Staffing Agency, Recruitment Agency, Online Job Listing Services

5.  Industrial Machinery and Manufacturing

Businesses Ideas: Food Processing Machines, Material Handling Equipment, Metal Working Machine Equipment

6.  Machine Shop Services

Business Ideas: Metal Drill Production, Saw Production, Automatic Screw Machine Production

7.  Computer Systems Design Services

Business Ideas:  Software development, Information Technology Management, Mobile Application Development

8. Freight Trucking Services

Business Ideas: Truckload Delivery Services, Dump Truck Services, Food and Beverage Transportation Service

9.  Management, Scientific and Technical Consulting Services

Business Ideas:  Human Resource Consulting Services, Financial Services, Marketing Services

10.  Services to Buildings and Dwellings

Business Ideas:  Cleaning Services, Janitorial Services, Pest Control, Landscaping Services

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Annika "The Chick Geek" is the founder of AnnikaBansal.com. Small Business Sense shares small business ideas, tips and resources for independent Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners.

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