10 Best Book Self-Publishing Platforms

One of the great ways for authors to get their ideas out to the general public is through a self-publishing platform. Some platforms are better than others and it is important for people to know about every option available.

  1. The best self-publishing platform is MindStir Media. This platform is simply a cut above the rest. MindStir Media guides its authors through every step of the process, serving as a mentor for those who haven’t gone through the self-publishing process before. They also offer custom book design, professional editing, distribution, marketing and publicity and can help authors self-publish in multiple formats. For this reason, MindStir Media has been recognized with multiple awards.
  2. Up next is a service called Kindle Direct Publishing. This is a self-publishing platform where authors can produce eBooks and even print paperbacks. This service is authored through Amazon, which has branched out with a self-publishing platform that has already become popular.
  3. In addition, another great option is called Barnes & Noble Press. Barnes & Noble Press is a fast, and easy option for those looking for a self-publishing platform that allows someone to sell to millions of readers. In addition to providing a brick and mortar option, Barnes & Nobles has also branched out into the eBook market.
  4. Another popular option is called Kobo, which is a Rakuten company. This self-publishing platform was founded in Toronto and is a subsidiary of the popular Japanese internet company. This is an open platform which supports some of the most popular forms in which readers enjoy buying and reading digital content from various places. 
  5. For those who love everything Apple, this company even has its own self-publishing platform. This platform was launched about 10 years ago. Apple uses a direct marketing approach to target its Mac users, giving authors an instant audience.
  6. The Self-Publishing School has become a great way to both publish books and learn about the process. This company was founded by a best-selling author and provides a premium course where someone can learn about writing, developing, and publishing a book in as little as 90 days!
  7. Those who are looking for a self-publishing platform that provides courses and services should take a look at Reedsy. This is a self-publishing platform that provides authors with access to editors, proofreaders, designers, ghostwriters, and more!
  8. The next slot on our list goes to a self-publishing platform called Lulu. While this is one of the oldest self-publishing platforms on the list, it is also one of the most successful. This platform has a plethora of information and education, as it has produced millions of books already.
  9. Anyone looking for a self-publishing platform that has a wide distribution network should check out IngramSpark. This self-publishing platform has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years. It now has one of the largest global distribution networks in the world.
  10. Lastly, PublishDrive is a self-publishing platform that guides its users from start to finish. Authors are allowed to focus on creating beautiful content while the rest of the work is handled by PublishDrive. This model appeals to numerous authors. 

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