Windows 10 Operating System Free Download Full Version Download With Key

Windows is one of the most preferred and widely used operating systems. Sooner or later, Windows is about to introduce the Windows 11 operating system for its users. However, Windows users who want the Windows 10 operating system free download the full version with key can get help from below. 

Microsoft Windows Operating System and its dominance 

Microsoft Windows is the most used operating system in the world and this has happened because of the clear innovation and smooth user experience Microsoft has brought to table for its users. Microsoft Windows has evolved over the years from version 7 to 8 then 8.1 and now to windows 10. To get a free Windows 10 operating system, download the full version with a 64 bit minimum of 2 GB RAM and other requirements like Graphic Card, Memory and Hard Disk remain the same as 32 bit where only 1 GB RAM is required. 

Initially people had a lot of doubts that if they don’t have windows 7 or 8 weather they will get Windows 10 or not but Microsoft has made its position clear on this by stating these people will be treated as Testers and if they are able to help them in testing new features they will get Windows 10 for free.

How to get a free Windows 10 operating system and download the full version with a 64 bit processor? 

As mentioned above about the testers(people who didn’t have windows 7 or 8) all the new features will be given to Testers first and then to normal users. The process  to get a free Windows 10 operating system and download the full version with a 64 bit processor is very simple, following are the steps to download full version of Windows 10 with key for 64 bit processor-

  • Go to your browser and explore
  • Search for “Get Started” and fill in all the necessary details of your Microsoft account to sign in.
  • Now there will be an option to install Windows 10 for PC and for the phone. You can make your choice by clicking on one of them. 
  • And with this, your browser will now open up with a new page titled “Is it right for me?”. This page is nothing but contains all the requirements that this OS needs in order to install on any PC or phone. 
  • continue scrolling down on the page and you will find the ‘Get the preview’ option just click on it and then on the link titled ‘Download the ISO’.
  • Here on this page note down the ‘key for the windows 10 preview’ although we do require it for the installation it is suggested to keep it with you in case Windows 10 asks you to switch on or to activate the copy then you will have to use it
  • Select your preferred language in which you want windows 10 to be displayed
  • Make your choice for 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 10 as per requirements and then download the windows 10 ISO file. 
  • Now burn this downloaded ISO file into a USB or DVD. 
  • Further, for a clean installation and in order to not lose your program settings run setup.exe from DVD or USB.
  • Here you got your free copy of Windows 10 Home or Pro. 

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Importance of key for OS and Future of Windows 10 

When you download the windows 10 free version on the PC, as stated above it is always advised to save the key, from the developers point of view key is unique for every user and safeguards against copyright issues and misuse of Windows 10 operating system by any other user, from the point of view of user key helps the user to keep the windows safe as in case of any technical crash in PC, this key can be used to reinstall windows on the PC. Microsoft has always stayed ahead of its times by sheer innovation and also by offering a new better version of Windows from windows 7 to 10, there has been a real shift in user experience and offerings. After Windows 10, it is soon expected that we will get a new version of windows with more advanced features.

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