Why Repairing Your Area Rug is a Good Investment

The revenues from the carpet cleaning industry in the U.S. are expected to grow in the next few years despite the hard financial times. This is because many homes and businesses use area rugs and carpets for their floors. 

Area rugs are an integral part of your home, serving as a comfy place where you rest your feet and also as an important aspect of your interior décor. When your area rugs start to age, fade, or are filled with stains, you need to call a rug repair expert to restore them. Here are some of the top benefits of area rug repair.

1. Fixes A Worn Fringe

The value of hand-woven rugs is in the knots that are used for their construction. In many cases, the knots at the end of the rugs loosen and start to fall off. This causes an unraveling of the rug.

If you leave this situation unresolved, it could lead to the loss of inches of the foundation. Connecting the fringe to the foundation by machine or hand stitching will often cause more harm. This will loosen the knots, and eventually, inches of your rug could be lost. 

Calling a rug repair expert is the best way to resolve worn out fringes and preserve the original condition of your area rug.

2. Resolves Fraying and Shedding

Another reason repairing your rug is a good investment is because it fixes fraying and shedding issues. Overtime, oriental rugs start wearing out, which causes fraying and shedding. In extreme cases, the rug starts unraveling. This condition cannot be reversed by cleaning alone.

One of the repair options is to shear and remove the top layer that is distorted. This will leave the bright colors underneath. Alternatively, the repair expert may put a secure stitch to prevent further unraveling. A new side cord may also be attached to ensure the foundation remains intact.

3. Gets Rid of Allergens and Bacteria

Repairing your rug helps prevent the accumulation of allergens and bacteria. Area rugs are crucial for trapping allergens and other germs by acting as filters. They keep harmful contaminants in the rugs, and away from the air you breathe.

Like any filter, rugs become full and start wearing out slowly. If they are not repaired and cleaned, they become breeding grounds for allergens. This contributes to allergies, like asthma and respiratory infections. Therefore, repairing and cleaning your rug helps control the quality of air in your home by keeping away bacteria and other harmful allergens. 

4. Stain Removal

Using a bleaching agent like hydrogen peroxide for stain removal can cause deterioration of the cotton fibers of your area rug. You should never use these chemicals to brighten up any part of your rug, as this could lead to even more damage. If a spill or blot does not come out, you need to call in a rug repair expert.

While some stains can be removed through professional cleaning, stubborn ones require repair work. Some of the repair options a professional may use include shearing off the top section of the rug fiber to get rid of the stained fibers. The repair expert may also dye the stain, so it matches the color of the rug fiber. 

Another remedy may be to cut off the stain and reweave the affected area. Whichever cause of action the professional chooses, in the end, your rug will be restored to its former glory without any hint of staining. 

5. Rectifying An Irregular Shape

Overtime, area rugs lose their shape after being walked on for years. The rugs start bunching up. When area rugs start losing their shape, you will begin to notice their appearance taking on an irregular form. 

Depending on the material of the rug, the expert can stretch the rug back to its original form. It is important to invest in rug repair once you notice your rug losing shape because if this is left unattended for long, it may not be impossible to fix. This means you would have to buy a new rug. 

6. Eliminating Bad Odors

Odors on your area rug can be caused by pet dander, spills, pet urine, and cigarette smoke. Regular deep cleaning may, at some point, eliminate bad odors. However, in some cases, like tufted rugs, the foul smell will penetrate the backing.

In this scenario, the repair expert will remove and replace the glue and backing. This will extend the life of your area rug. It is often advisable to buy area rugs that do not have a backing to prevent the risk of permanent odors.

In Conclusion

By 2022, the area rug industry is projected to reach $112.69 billion. Many people opt to buy new rugs instead of investing in rug repairs. 

However, some area rugs are unique and may have a sentimental value to the owner. In such cases, replacing the rug with a new one is out of the question, and the owner will spend all they have on repairs that will restore the rug to its original form.

Author bio:

David is the owner of Smart Choice, a locally owned rug repair and restoration company operating in the New York Tri-State Area.

David and his team can handle minor to extensive rug damage for any kind of rug.