Why Luxury Vinyl Tiles Are The Best For Your Business

Modern life is getting busier and busier, we need something on our side to help with our busy life. Office maintenance is the perfect place to start, and your decisions on what you choose will make your life much easier. The best and most obvious place to start is the flooring, so which is the best flooring if you have a busy office? Luxury Vinyl Tiles by far and here’s why…

What Are The Benefits?

So what makes this flooring so good? One of the main things we look for when purchasing a new flooring is durability, how is it going to stand up against the wear and tear of everyday life, especially if you have a lot of clients coming in? The good news is that you should have no concerns with LVT, it is very tough and will withstand lots of corporate use, all this without showing wear! As well as this, it is also scratch and stain proof, ideal for busy office environments with a lot of traffic! It is also much cheaper than other options such as wood and tile, with just as much durability.

Vinyl is waterproof, so it’s great for rooms such as the office kitchen and bathroom which see lots of water exposure. As well as this, it is also slip proof perfect for liability risks, the last thing you want is an employee taking a fall and needing time off or injuring themselves badly! It also had a soft surface which is cushioned underfoot, perfect for noise reduction! 

The benefits don’t stop there. Underfloor heating is something we’re seeing more and more of in our businesses and homes, and the good news is that LVT is compatible with it. A lot of flooring options aren’t able to cope with the fluctuating temperatures, so this is a pretty valuable thing to have!

Many of us have fallen in love with the gorgeous authentic look of real wood, but just can’t justify its price tag. The best thing about luxury vinyl tiles is that it comes in very convincing replicas of real wood and natural products, that often it’s impossible to tell them apart. So you don’t even have to sacrifice style! 

Luxury vinyl tiles also have a very easy cleaning routine. Only a mop and a sweep a few times a week to keep it hygienic, and it will also refrain from showing the dirt too quickly too. 

Brett Sartorial

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