Why Doing Business in Germany Is Wise

We have been used to easier economic times in the past. The last three years have brought difficulties for everyone, one after another, including business people who often don’t know what to expect of tomorrow. In this situation, it is important to count on some sort of stability factors, which one can find in Germany. Here are a few reasons why doing business in Germany is still a great thing, today.

Germany is not all about Berlin

Some countries depend on the health of their main city, in order to survive. That is not the case in Germany and Berlin. In fact, there are many different cities that provide work and stability in this country. If you want to live and work in a town with a low level of pollution and the lowest unemployment rate in the country, be ready to pay expensive rent. But that is what you will find in Munich, where the average rent is double the cost of a flat in Berlin. To be fair, Berlin is not considered an expensive city. In fact, it is a place where many young people head to, in order to live a cheaper life. If you have had enough of paying high rent in London, here are cost-effective removals to Germany from the UK.

The Largest EU Market

There are 82 million people living in Germany today. It is by far the most in any EU country. That is due in part to the fact that it is home to over 10 million citizens born in other countries. Germany is always looking for the most talented entrepreneurs, but also for the most skilled workers available. And so, many of those leave their own country to go and work there, since it promotes growth for everyone. When you have a business, the most important market should be your own, to start with. That is why companies like to do business in Germany, as they can cover their basis first, on their own soil.

A Great Location from Where to reach the Rest of the EU

If you take a look at a map, you will see that Germany has borders with France, Switzerland, and The Netherlands; some very important economic countries in Europe (Switzerland is not part of the EU). It also touches on Eastern European countries that keep growing rapidly, namely the Czech Republic, Poland, and Austria. It makes it easy to ship products out, via roadways, to all of them. Being part of the EU (unlike the UK which left through Brexit), it simplifies doing business in all of the EU countries, while benefiting from special accords, as well.

The Capital of Innovations

You might not know this, but Germany is the country with the most brevets per inhabitant. Not just in Europe, but worldwide. That says a lot about its capacity to innovate. That means it offers businesses the capacity to innovate, as well. Most of all, it highlights the close collaboration between industry leaders and research institutions, inside the country (Max Planck in Munich and Fraunhofer in Karlsruhe). 

Heron Nelson

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